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Life in Instagram: 04.09.12

April 10, 2012

1. Hana Kate last Sunday. This is a new pose she likes to do with her hands when I say “say cheese!” 2. Having Bible time while Eden was in bed, not feeling well from her “boo-boo.” 3. Couldn’t even brush her own teeth. 4. The girls reading an animal book with Daniel. 5. Hana Kate asked Daddy to draw with her. 😉 6. Special moment. 7. Eden skinned both knees, and they were hurting quite badly (also why she isn’t moving much in the other above pictures). She couldn’t walk for about 24 hours, fell asleep randomly twice, and then was all back to normal, except for the very big “boo boo.” 8. Eden making pancakes with Daniel last Saturday. He usually makes pancakes with the girls on Saturdays. 🙂 I missed this breakfast to meet up with my friend at Panera, which I must say was quite good, as well.

1. Welcome to April weather. 2. Eden at the playground, telling us about her skinned knees. 3. Hana Kate’s drawings of some animals (a cat, a bunny, a lamb, a bear, and a squirrel). 4. I drew a “Hello Kitty” and she copied her own version (on the right, hopefully obviously ;)) 5. This bird watched us eat lunch. We are loving seeing all the birds. 6. Some girls like anything with ranch dressing. Including grapes. 🙂 Cracks me up, because I didn’t like any dressings or dips until I was into the double-digit ages. 7. Hana Kate’s special drawing of “dad” for Daniel. It was quiet for a long time in the play room, and she emerged with this. 🙂 8. Beautiful rainbow last Sunday evening.

1. the dirt box. 2. Working on redecorating and making a space for my “office.” I even made a super-fast trip to Ikea. 3. “Fip fops,” as Eden calls them. She loves her flip flops, which is also funny to me, because we didn’t have them growing up. 4. Working on making some cookies to take to our next-door neighbor. 5. Daniel helping me with my nesting urges. 6. dot art. 7. 🙂 8. This was from the Sunday that Eden still had her “big, bad boo-boo.” She still couldn’t walk, and asked to watch her “Jesus Loves Me” movie, and fell asleep during it. Which is amazing, because she doesn’t even fall asleep during rest time anymore. She took 2 naps within the 24-hour period of her skinned knees.

1. supporting Kumon with new workbooks. 30 minutes in, and Hana Kate had already made it to Lesson #6. It’s a good thing we also love dirt, because otherwise I’d have to tell her her college fund went to Kumon workbooks. 🙂 2. Eden had been asking for a “cutting book,” so we got one for her, too. 3. Enjoying the morning sunlight. 4. Cheesy grin. 5. Hana Kate excited about ringing our neighbor’s doorbell to give him some cookies. 6. Our cookies, which our neighbor told us were his favorites from the cookies we gave him at Christmas. We got the yummy recipe from my sister-in-law, here. 7. The girls requested to have rest time together. Actually, Hana Kate had been asking to do so for about a week. So we tried it. It was quiet for about 20 minutes (I told them they could whisper), but after that it was uncontrollable giggling. 🙂 8. Eden making good use of Daddy’s grass clippings.

1. a fun trip to see the Fed-Ex planes and run around in the field. 2. Cautiously checking out the lady bug. 3. pretty bug! 4. Hana Kate loves big fields with green grass. 5. The sister spin. 6. Sister lifting. 7. Bring the rain. 8. Amazing dark storm clouds–there was a tornado watch for our county, but the really dark clouds passed us by quickly.

1. dining room in progress, part 1 and 2. 2. Making hot cross buns for Easter. Hana Kate told us that it also reminded us about Jesus rising from the dead. 🙂 3. Ready to play in the Sterlite container. ;P 4. Cuddle time. 5. Eden at the birthday party–everything was better enjoyed with Daddy. 6. The birthday girl opening her gifts. 7. Amazing party decor. Of course. 🙂 8. Hana Kate enjoying the balloons at the “Tutu party.”

1. Cupcakes from an evening family celebration at Gigi’s cupcakes. 2. Fun after church. 3. The girls finding eggs in our backyard egg hunt. They loved it! Eden was quite good at finding eggs and waiting to eat her candy. HK excelled at opening each egg as soon as she found it. Oddly enough, they both found the exact number of eggs. 4. Our special Easter Lunch picnic eggs. 5. Picnic. 6. I love this picture of Hana Kate hugging Eden. Poor Eden just wanted her bagel. 7. Quick family picture after church on Easter Sunday (thanks to our friend Hannah for taking it). Normally, the girls get a pastry on their way in to church. Eden asked for her bagel a couple of times during church, so we grabbed one as we headed out the door. I think she thinks going to church means getting a bagel. 🙂 (This church usually has breads and pastries that Panera donates.) 8. Checking out a caterpillar. Hana Kate found it, but she wanted Daniel to hold it.

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