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“Gethsemane:” To See the King of Heaven Fall

April 8, 2012

God has gifted Keith and Kristyn Getty to be able to write many new hymns for worship, and many of those songs have great relevance to the Easter-time sorrow, celebration, and meditation.

I had not heard this song until this week, and it was powerful in drawing my heart and mind to think about the incarnation of Jesus–Jesus, both God and man, His love for His fallen creation. Today, of course, we celebrate His resurrection. And yet, I know that I also need to think deeply on what happened in Gethsemane, what happened on the cross. And today, we rejoice and celebrate what happened so that we can proclaim, “Christ is Risen from the Dead!


To see the King of heaven fall
In anguish to His knees,
The Light and Hope of all the world
Now overwhelmed with grief.
What nameless horrors must He see,
To cry out in the garden:
Oh, take this cup away from me
Yet not my will but Yours,
Yet not my will but Yours.

To know each friend will fall away,
And heaven’s voice be still,
For hell to have its vengeful day
Upon Golgotha’s hill.
No words describe the Saviour’s plight –
To be by God forsaken Till wrath and love are satisfied
And every sin is paid
And every sin is paid

What took Him to this wretched place,
What kept Him on this road?
His love for Adam’s cursed race,
For every broken soul.
No sin too slight to overlook,
No crime too great to carry,
All mingled in this poisoned cup ‚
And yet He drank it all,
The Saviour drank it all,
The Saviour drank it all.

Keith Getty shares more about the song here.

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