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Life in Instagram: 03.23.12

March 23, 2012

1. Eden thinks this face is so funny, and loves to pull it out for a camera. 2. last sunsets of winter 3. Hana Kate’s family picture. 4. summer drinks. 5. Working on supper. 6. Hana Kate loves to do workbooks. 7. “Mommy, take my ficture!” 8. The girls requested cheese and Earl Grey tea for their morning snack. (We usually have 1 or 2 special drinks a day: smoothie, hot chocolate, or tea.)

1. Hana Kate’s shamrock craft, her exclusive design. 2. watching a video about St. Patrick. 3. Hana Kate’s sweet “turtle socks” from Aunt MB in Japan. 4. Froyo. 5. Both girls have “babies” in their tummies. 6. Hana Kate requested taht they wear green shirts for St. Patrick’s Day. 7. Bible time before bedtime. 8. Playing “chicken” with Daddy.

1. matching Mommy. 2. Daniel washing Eden’s hair. They love for him to do their hair. #daddiesoflittlegirls πŸ™‚ 3. Hana Kate’s hand art. 4. working hard in the garden. 5. We found a lizard! 6. Eden observing. Hana Kate touched. 7. Very green lizard. 8. getting back to normal after a Saturday night of racing heart/breathlessness.

1. another sunset, photo by Daniel. 2. Love Eden’s face. 3. “Playing Daddy’s iPad.” That’s the official name of the activity. πŸ˜‰ 4. Eden has loved wearing these stick-on earrings. That were Hana Kate’s b-day present from her friend KM. πŸ™‚ 5. Daniel took the girls to the new park to play in the sand. 6. More gardening. 7. Mad skills. 8. Daniel made some “yummy, yummy fanfakes,” in the words of Eden.

1. backyard bliss. 2. dis one. 3. dancing sisters. 4. silly sisters. 5. They think it is so funny to roll on top of each other. They have a special laugh that from far away can tell me their rolling over each other. 6. Hana Kate preferred to eat her muffin in the outdoors. 7. The best part of baking. We’re all happy I’m back to baking. 8. Eden completed the muffin-lining task entirely by herself.

1. Playing with new window clings from their friends, Timothy and Aydelyn. 2. The Great Wasp Chase of 2012. It took 28 minutes to get rid of him. My friend Kristen is braver than me. πŸ˜‰ 3. My little friend is growing! I had so much fun watching her big smiles. 4. smoothie talk 5. Fresh smoothies. 6. cool toes. 7. Chilling. 8. “Mommy can we draw on our toes?” Yes! πŸ™‚

1. trying out the green juice. 2. super fun tutus that came along with invitations to a little girl tutu dance birthday party. 3. Β Eden reading her big and little animal book. 4. Hana Kate learning about hibernation. 5. Opening surprise packages from Grandma! (Thank you!!!) 6. Hana Kate’s table setting. 7. Ready for supper. 8. Crafty girls.

1. a Daddy and his girl. 2. I can now breath easy since a magazine says it’s okay to let your kids play in the dirt. (ha!) 3. Taking their turtles to Publix. 4. dress up and tea time. 5. thankful for my growing baby. 6. morning band 7. If Hana Kate asks to wear hear smocked dress and “look pretty,” I tend to say “yes.” πŸ™‚ 8. 100% perfection. At least, that’s what the banana says. πŸ™‚

1. Yum. Girl Scout Thin Mint Ice Cream. It cost less to buy the ice cream than the actual cookies when it was on sale at Publix a week or so ago. #pregnancyismyexcuse. 2. Where is Eden. Playing quietly behind a chair. 3. Hana Kate working on a card. 4. This “frame” was made entirely by Hana Kate. While I was working in another room, she asked me if she could use some glue with her popsicle sticks. A while later, she emerged with this. I thought Daniel had helped her, but he had no idea she was even working on a project. Give this girl glue, scissors, and anything you call a craft-related item, and she’s happy.

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