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The Publix Conversation

March 16, 2012

This video is over a month old, but still makes me laugh. The girls and I were early for our friend’s wedding (Daniel was a groomsman), so we were playing in the church’s nursery when I recorded this conversation on my phone.

  • Eden: “I’m gonna go bye-bye.”
  • Me: “Okay. Good bye.”
  • Eden: “Goo-bye.”
  • Me: “Where are you going?”
  • Eden: “Um, uh, uh, to, to Pubux! Do you want to go to Pubux, too?”
  • HK: “Mmmm…no.”
  • Eden: “I’m gonna go to Pubux, though.”
  • HK: “I wanna go with you.”
  • Eden: “Oh.” “I’m packing, Hannie. I’m packing”
  • HK: “Eden, do you want your Cheddar (name of her mouse).”
  • Eden: “Hmm. I’m packing.”
  • HK: “Oh.”
  • Eden: “I’m packing. For all this.” “All we…go, go, go to Pubux, too.”
  • HK: “Oh.”
  • Eden: “Go to Pubux, too, Mommy.”
  • Me: “Should I go to Publix, too? I’ll go to Publix, too. Where’s your Publix?”
  • [ended]

Eden was quite the conversationalist then, but she’s even more so now. 😉




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