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Words for Laughing: 02.07.12

February 7, 2012

Right as we were sitting down for supper, Eden stared inquisitively at her plate, and said, “What does dis mean?” (It was mashed potatoes and hamburger/mushroom sauce.) Perhaps she was philosophizing over what shapes she saw in her food.Then she added, “What is dis meat? Is dis beef?” Daniel said, “yes, it’s beef. Beef is from a cow.” Eden: “I a cow.”

Random times throughout the day, Eden will walk around and say very matter-of-factly, “My baby came out. My baby fell out my tummy.” Sometimes a babydoll or other toy will drop out of her shirt as she says this.

Eden to me, “I have a fat tummy, Mommy. You have a fat tummy, too.”

Random conversation I overheard:

Eden: “Hi, Hannie.”
HK: Hi, Edie.”
Eden: “Hi.”
HK: “Hi.”
Eden: “Hi.”
HK: “You can stop saying ‘hi’ now.”
After we had prayed as a family before going to bed, Eden wanted to pray more. She looked over at Daniel, kept her hands folded and said, “I want tuh pray for da cats. All da cats,” and bowed her head again. (Context: a week ago, a cat came meowing to our front door and we fed it some food.)

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