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Sisterly Discussions

January 24, 2012

I am loving watching our girls interact at this age. I also love listening in on their conversations. This is one they had recently:

E: Dis book is scary. (The book was called something like, “How Animals Eat Their Prey”)
HK: Are the penguins scary?
Eden:Yeah, dah ping-pings are scary.

HK: Do you want me to read it since it’s scary for you?

E: Yeah, I want you tuh read it. It scary for me.
HK: That’s okay, I’ll read it for you.
E: It’s a little bit scary to me.
HK: Oh. It’s not scary to me.
E: I don’t like it. It’s scary to me.
HK: But I like it.
E: I’ll get another book. Dis one’s too scary for me.
HK: Oh.
E: (Eden, coming back a few moments later) Dis is a nice one. It a nice book, Hannie!
HK: I’ll read it for you.
Eden: No, I read it to you. It about zebras.
HK: Eden, do you not like that picture?  That boy likes the water.
E: Yeah, dat boy likes the water. He splashing it in his eyes. (lots of laughing)
(Reading/looking at the book together)
E: Oh, a pider (spider)! I don’t like piders!
HK: Oh.
E: That’s scary to me.
HK: Is this scary to you? (pointing to something else in the book)
E: Yeah, this is scary to me. (laughing, though)
HK: Do you wanna read this?
E: No.
HK: Okay, then I’ll run around you. (Both laughing hilariously. HK gets up and starts running around E)
E: That’s my ribbon, and it not yours.
HK: Well, I’ve been playing with it. It helps me fly better.


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  • Kim January 28, 2012 at 12:26 am

    You’re confused – sorry ’bout that – we’ll take our girls back now. 😉

    • Keren January 28, 2012 at 12:52 pm

      Ha! 🙂 I usually think of your girls when our girls do something funny like this. 😉