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Three Years Ago Today

January 20, 2012

Today (Friday) marks three years since my dad left his earthly home. I’m so thankful that he was able to meet at least one of my children and that he was able to build a good relationship with Daniel. I’m thankful he still had enough strength to walk me down the aisle for our wedding. There are a lot of times out-of-the blue that I’m reminded of him and miss him: seeing someone drive by in a truck with a mustache like his and a ball cap on his head, going to a yard sale and seeing someone selling a bunch of hunting gear–wishing I could buy some for him, getting excited that the dollar store carries his old favorite horehound candies, but realizing I can’t buy them since I don’t think anyone else I know likes them…

This picture was taken less than a month before he passed away. I knew he was sick then, and knew by his skin color that his liver was failing. We just didn’t know it would happen so fast. It seems like a blur now, but I’m thankful for those years in between my start of college and his final years when our relationship was good and I knew he’d always be ready to listen and ready to talk. In his final year, I was a stay-at-home mom and he was sick enough that he was at home during the daytime while my mom worked. Sometimes he’d call me in the afternoon or mornings–I wish we’d had more years like that, but am thankful for the year of phone calls we had.


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