birth photography reflections

New Life. A Gift.

January 6, 2012

On Wednesday, I watched my dear friend deliver her newest daughter. As I look back through the story I captured in pictures, I smile in wonder. (I smiled then, too. As I drove home, I realized my head was sore from so many hours of smiling. :)) The wonder of a woman in peaceful, confident strength laboring hard to bring forth new life. The wonder of a new little person emerging into the waiting hands of her mother and her midwife. It was a miracle–many miracles, actually. But that isn’t my story to tell here, for now.

Swaddled in pink, she slept for a few moments while being measured and weighed, and my camera shutter clicked on so we could savor those moments later. There are few things in life so raw and real as birth to remind us of the gift of life, the meaning of life…and that we haven’t quite gotten all figured out yet, ourselves.

This particular picture reminded me of a video Ann Voskamp posted around this time last year, “Figuring Life Out,” as the life of a new baby also points her to think about life:





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