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Dinosaur and Trampoline

December 1, 2011

I took this video for the primary purpose of capturing Eden saying “dinosaur” and “trampoline.” Only for her, they come out as “dine-do-duh” and “fram-ee-ee.”

Ever since listening to Laurie Berkner’s We Are the Dinosaurs (thanks, Kim! ;)), the girls have been fascinated with dinosaurs. (I know, they’ve lived a sheltered life just now finding out they exist.) Hana Kate once asked if there are “bad dinosaurs,” and ever since Eden will occasionally tell us that she’s a bad dinosaur. Of course, if Hana Kate is around, there can only be “good dinosaurs” or “nice dinosaurs,” but every once in a while Eden will say she’s a bad one, in which case she usually likes to go around “roaring.”.

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  • Kim December 6, 2011 at 1:30 pm

    I don’t think it’s a bad thing to introduce a little “boyishness” into our girls’ lives. Bring on the dinosaurs. Only I don’t know if the real dinosaurs said, “oops! I sorry, Kami for stepping on your toe.” Glad you’re liking your new music. 🙂