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Happy Birthday, Eden!

November 17, 2011

Happy Birthday to our sweet little Eden.

Life is so much fun at 2. Your world still new and you can finally explore it.

Look carefully: if she’s not wearing a huge grin, Eden usually has a smile hidden in her eyes and the corners of her mouth.

These girls can definitely make each other laugh.

We are so grateful to see one of God’s good gifts to us in allowing Eden to be part of our family. The last 2 years of our life have certainly turned out differently than we viewed our anticipated life when Eden arrived 2 years ago, but we wouldn’t trade them. And we’re certainly glad to have had the happiness and laughter that both Eden and Hana Kate have brought to us over the past few years. I don’t think a single day has gone by in the last 2 years without the girls making us laugh…hard.

Eden usually gently falls asleep with me, but two nights ago she asked if I could rock her in the rocking chair that we were recently given. It was a precious time, and she fell asleep in my arms within a couple of minutes. But I was reminded at how quickly her early childhood days are passing, and how I’ll never have that moment back again.

I’ve also loved watching Hana Kate and Eden spend much more time playing together. It has been a sort of sudden change in the last few months, but they now keep each other entertained for long chunks of time. (And Hana Kate is faithful about reporting Eden “doing bad things” or “playing with bad things.” Since she’s usually right, I rush right away to intercept disaster. :))

Eden loves singing and listening Jesus Loves Me. (The song often gets its own arrangement as “Jesus loves me soo soo much!”) In fact, when we took a road trip to FL the other week she wanted us to repeat the song over. and over. and over again. And would cry if any other song played. Let’s just say she has a patient big sister, too. 🙂 She also loves “Night-night Moon!” (otherwise known as Goodnight Moon). Her favorite parts are “night-night buddy (nobody)” and “night-night old lady…shh!!,” and she laughs at those pages every time. She and I read it together every night before she falls asleep. Sometimes I’ll pause and she’ll fill in the rest of the words or the page. I’m pretty sure she has the whole book memorized.

Another favorite activity for Eden is shopping. Grocery shopping. Especially at Publix. The girls both love it so much, and Daniel and I LOVE being able to take them shopping. (He took over for a few weeks when I was at my peak pregnancy sickness.) They are so funny when in the special car-cart together, and if you are in the same store as us you might get to hear them singing happy made-up songs as they enjoy their shopping. 😉 Most of the places we go grocery shopping have snack or treats for kids, so I’m sure that only adds to the excitement. Eden loves this activity so much that almost every single day she can be found pushing around her toy car (well, technically, it was Grandma and Grandpa’s gift to Hana Kate) and saying. “I going to Pubbux.” When I ask her what she’s going to buy, she usually answers “cookies. And chocut. And tandy.” And usually she adds, “My monk-gey come, too!”

I’d forgotten how much I love this age. There is so much exploring, so much laughter, and so much talking. For Eden, we have hit the narrate-every-detail-of-your-life stage. It is so funny to hear. “I stepped. I stepped. I downstairs. Me walking. My monk-gey came down-airs wif me. Where my drink?” Eden certainly falls into the more of the two-year -old characteristics than Hana Kate did, but I think she’s reached a point of equilibrium for now. 🙂

The other day, Hana Kate was quizzing Eden over letters and what sounds they make. This is what I overheard:

Hana Kate: “Eden, what sound does ‘a’ say?”
Eden: “Aa-a-a”
HK: “Eden, what does ‘d’ say?”
Eden: “D-d-d”
HK: “What does…pool say?”
Eden: “Swimming!”

Eden also asked her first “why” question the other day. I didn’t realize until a few minutes after she had asked…and now I can’t remember exactly what she asked, except it started, “Why you have that…?”

Happy Birthday, Eden!.

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  • Kristen November 17, 2011 at 11:51 pm

    Wow, I don’t know if it’s the pigtails, the outfit, or the birthday, but Eden looks so grown up in these pictures!! She’s not supposed to change *overnight* just because she turns two! 🙂 Aydelyn occasionally questions “Why?” too, usually “Why is he making that face?” (She’s very tuned in to facial expressions, in real life and in book illustrations. 😉

    Happy Birthday, Eden!

  • Keren November 18, 2011 at 7:31 am

    I think it’s the pigtails. 😉 Which, incidentally she became interested in wearing after seeing Aydelyn wearing hers. 🙂 She used to say, “hair like Aydie’s?” meaning she wanted 2, not 1 ponytail.

  • Showrealgrace November 18, 2011 at 9:48 pm

    This is getting old, Keren. Your kid is cute, I’ll give you that, but stop trying to foist on us your so-called “gentle parenting” and making us believe it works by posting pictures of your smiling kid. It won’t. Were are all the pictures of your kids throwing temper tantrums? How does a gentle parenting respond to that??? 🙂 And where will be the picture in a few years from now of your child rebelling against you and God. You might call it a “smile in her eye,” but that is a look of pure childish rebellion, and there’s only one, God-ordained way to get that out of a child. You might believe you are here to “speak out” against formulas, but let me tell you that the Bible is FULL of formulas for right living, including CHILD REARING. What kind of whimp of a parent can’t say no to a TWO year old sleeping with them at night?!!! Even the rest of the UNbelieving American culture has enough sense to say no to that! Puh-lease. Notice: no one really comments on here anymore. You’ve changed too much and I’m guessing most people are as repulsed by this as I am, but at least there are a few brave ones like me willing to stick my neck out and warn you of your sin. I will say a prayer for you tonight.

    • Keren December 1, 2011 at 6:43 pm

      It’s taken me longer than I intended to respond, and as you know I’ve deleted most of your other comments here. It’s also taken me a while, as it is hard to really know what specifically you’re trying to bring up besides the fact you perceive I don’t spank my kids, which you are correct, and the fact that you think that the Bible teaches spanking is the only way to respond to any childish behavior. When you’ve been in an environment where all you’ve heard that Biblical discipline = spanking, it may be slightly more difficult to understand that the word, concept, and practice of discipline means something other than spanking/hitting and punishment. I understand that.

      I agree with Ashlyn (and thank you for stepping in) in that it’s very easy to judge others by our isolated, insulated view through the lens of our own culture. Me sleeping with my child (who is really still a baby) is in no means for the wimps. It’s a choice we made that we believe to best for our family, and something that I’ve shared a snippet of here because it’s something precious I want to remember as part of my daughter’s childhood. Still, there isn’t a whole lot of space to get into the how’s, why’s, and reasonings of this here.

      How do I respond to my child’s temper tantrums? Well, thankfully they are fairly rare, but I try to respond in love, compassion, and concern. Often, we gently explain that the child’s actions aren’t the correct way to handle her emotions and then show or explain a better response. But every situation is different, and how we go from there depends on the situation. Overall, I try to remember in such situations that “while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us,” and try to parent as one who has been richly forgiven. (I have several posts already written on this that perhaps I will post in the future.)

  • Ashlyn November 25, 2011 at 7:55 pm

    A smile in Eden’s eyes is a “look of pure childish rebellion”? Are you kidding me? Wow. I’m glad I’m not your child. I’ve read several of your comments, and am saddened by them each time, as you aren’t doing any sort of justice to the Gospel, neither by word or tone. I’ve had the joy of witnessing Keren’s sweet, consistent and gentle mothering, even when her child isn’t perfect, and can attest that she’s not posting “smiling” pictures to fool others. Her children are some of the happiest and sweetest I’ve met, and she constantly challenges me simply by her example. If I were a child, I’d want her to be my mother as I couldn’t imagine a more safe and compassionate place to be on earth.

    What is wrong with a two year old sleeping with you? Does the Bible give a verse on that? Why are you condemning it? Why would you call her a “wimp”? That is just horrible and nasty language. Why are you picking on preferences, such as allowing a toddler to sleep with you (which most non-American cultures still do to this day, btw) that aren’t Bible issues, but you yourself are not exhibiting the virtues that the New Testament heralds, such as kindness, gentleness, etc. ?

    Why do you feel the need to post these nasty comments on her blog? Your comments only speak negatively of yourself and reflect poorly on Christianity. I’m sad that you feel the need to rant here.

    Sorry Keren, I just needed to say that. You can delete this if you need to. 🙁