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Pregnancy Update: 4 Months

November 16, 2011

I’m now around 4 months pregnant with our newest baby, and seem to be easing out of the morning sickness phase. I say easing, because this week and last week, I’ve still gotten sick about 2-3 out of 7 days (likely exacerbated a toothache last week).

But I’m very grateful, as overall this pregnancy the sickness has not been quite so rough as what I experienced with Hana Kate and Eden’s pregnancies. There are multiple variations at play, so it’s hard to isolate one or another as the cause or to figure out whether it’s just that this pregnancy is better. Two things that are helping for sure is that Daniel is working from home and able to help out in the mornings when needed (by rearranging his work schedule and waking up extra early to work in anticipation of me being sick and then caring for the girls right after they wake up–I am so, so thankful to be married to such an incredible friend, husband, and helper!) and exercising. Some days working out was the only thing I “accomplished” for the day, and I often went even when feeling sick. But on most occasions, I did feel better after exercising, albeit tired!

I had gained about 5lbs. over the first trimester (normally I come out of the first trimester with negative weight gain), but ended up losing those when I got really sick about 3 weeks ago. So, right now I’m at 0 lbs. weight gain. I also learned that during that time, motion sickness or being in a car for a while intensified the nausea–don’t recall that occurring previously.

I’m still feeling quite tired, but that’s normal.

I’m starting to show a tiny bit, but can still wear my normal clothes…and just look fat. 🙂

I’m now able to feel the fundal height when reclining.

I’m starting to cook meals again without getting sick or feeling to tired to stay for the meal. However, I apparently forgot to cook as I burned both beans and rice last night!

I’ve craved random homemade foods during earlier weeks: beans and rice, mashed potatoes, and applesauce as a few examples. Not feeling like cooking, I tried to buy some frozen mashed potatoes, but it tasted horrible (I’ve had them before and been fine with them). So, late (for me) one night I made some homemade mashed potatoes. 🙂 Salt, butter, and heavy cream are my required ingredients.

I feel best if I get 9 to 10 (or more) hours of sleep a night.

Overall, I’m also very grateful for Daniel and the girls and how helpful they have been during my roughest phase. But words, and words here, don’t do justice to express my appreciation..

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  • Susanna November 17, 2011 at 4:14 pm

    Hope you get to feeling better soon! I know what that’s like. I didn’t gain a single ounce until after 22 weeks with Aletheia because I was so sick. One thing I HAD to have during those times was popsicles. They just seemed to soothe after a long day of nothing feeling well. I ate so many popsicles that I probably could have built quite a sizeable Eiffel tower replica 😉 You look absolutely beautiful btw 🙂

    • Keren November 18, 2011 at 4:53 pm

      Thanks! Actually, popsicles have helped, though I’ve sort of forgotten about them the last few weeks. The Trader Joe’s Fruit Floes are my favorites. 🙂 Sorry you had a rough go of it, too.