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23 Months!

October 20, 2011

Since Eden turned 23 months this week, I figured I’d better squeeze in one last month-update before she turns 2 years old next month(!!).

At 23 months:

Eden is 26.5 lbs., and 34.5 inches tall. Not sure on the other “stats” since Mommy’s been the only medical care provider she’s seen in a while. ๐Ÿ˜‰ She’s wearing 18-24 months pants/bottoms and 2T tops, and is now in size 6 shoes.

This has been such a fun month with Eden’s growth and development. I think she must’ve known she had to squeeze a lot in before she turns 2, too. ๐Ÿ™‚ Probably the biggest change is the amount of words she is now saying, and how much she is talking. I’d forgotten how absolutely fun this stage is, doing things like narrating their every activity: “coming downair (downstairs),” “go potty,” “had air doozy (gas…long story on that one ;)) “. Her speech development has been slightly different than Hana Kate’s in that we knew she understood a lot but wasn’t able to speak what she knew (whereas Hana Kate started saying words as she started understanding them), and then all of the sudden she started saying all kinds of things. Still, I think that their talking at age 2 will be pretty much similar–a lot! She also does really well with remembering people and their names and talking about them seemingly non-stop after we’re with them. (Though they might not realize how much she likes them–she is appropriately still very shy around strangers.) Daniel’s boss came to visit a few weeks ago and we all traveled to Atlanta with him for a recent business trip, and Eden is still talking about him on a daily basis!

We think she must be about to have/having a growth spurt, because for the last few weeks she has been eating a lot. She and Hana Kate also have developed a taste for “fizzy,” or carbonated beverages. We don’t have them in our house very often, but we did have some soda a few weeks back and the girls wanted to try it. Hana Kate previously was disgusted by it, so we let her try it and to our surprise she liked it. Of course, Eden did, too. And once they had it they begged for more. While we were in Atlanta, she was sooo excited to go the the “Fidzy Museum” (World of Coca-Cola) and try some different kinds of coke. She talks about the fid-zy mu-seum daily, and also requests fid-zy, which she hasn’t had since our visit there. ๐Ÿ™‚ She certainly has a sweet tooth, too. Just ask her to show you where the chocolate chips are. ๐Ÿ™‚

Here’s a random video of Hana Kate and Eden playing together in the back yard. At the end Eden speaks of her desire to visit the “Fid-zy Mo-seum,” ๐Ÿ™‚

Eden is still nursing, but very infrequently. She is no longer nursing at night, and therefore sleeping through the night. She is also learning how to go to sleep on her own (rather than nursing to sleep) and is doing a great job at the adjustment. She is cosleeping in our bed, and loves to cuddle up as she drifts off to sleep. So precious! I will miss these days of a warm squishy little body cuddling up to me in the night, especially on chilly nights like last night. ๐Ÿ™‚ (I did once think it would be impossible for me to sleep like this, but warm little cuddlers can certainly have a soporific effect.) ย Right now she takes an afternoon nap about every other day, otherwise it takes her quite a while to fall asleep at night. But she’s not quite ready (thankfully!) to cut the nap every day.

Eden is also excited about “tiny baby” in Mommy’s tummy. She’ll frequently come up to me and say “tiny baby? Mommy’s tummy?” and then go get a babydoll, stick it in her shirt, and say “tiny baby Edie’s tummy!” Like Hana Kate, she thinks she is going to have a “baby si-tur.” (Poor Hana Kate–she insists it is a girl and ย that we need to name the baby “Wendy.” No idea at all where she picked up that name. But either way, she might be a little disappointed because even if it is a girl we don’t foresee naming her Wendy. ;)) Eden also learned to go potty at 21 months, and has done a super job ever since. She goes in big girl panties even for naps and overnight, and so far no accidents at those times (though we’ve had a few during the daytime). She can manage most of the routine herself for the simpler of the two potty functions, but attempt to handle things herself for the more complicated has led to a bit of a mess more than a few times. (We also recently got this potty seat reducer, thanks to my friend L’s recommendation) and it’s working great for both her and Hana Kate.)

She also definitely favors her daddy’s looks at this stage of life, as well as Daniel’s dad. (All you people who told my my newborn looked “just like Daniel” were right! :)) We often get comments on her “white” hair, and neither of us had hair quite that light. Earlier in the summer when we were swimming a lot, her skin looked so dark in contrast to her hair. And I’m excited that it’s starting to grow!

For my sake a few years down the road, I’m also including a few of the things I wrote down about Eden from 18 months onward, but never made around to posting here. (Sadly, I never took all the measurements for each of the months, but at least I have a few things to compare to where she is presently.):

At 18 months:

Eden weighs 25lbs., and is 32 inches long. She’s still in size 4 diapers, and is wearing 18-24mos. and 2T size clothes.

Her 1-year molars finally seem to have all broken through her gums, though they haven’t comeย allย the way up yet. This happened a few days before she turned 18-months old, and was a several-month process. I frequently saw them enflamed and very swollen, and am very thankful for her sake that they’ve poked through. It has made a dramatic impact in her eating: when they are swollen, she doesn’t really want to eat table food at all, but especially saltier foods, anything with tomato, citrus, or similar acidic foods. The last few days she has beenย consumingย large amounts of food; maybe she feels the need to make up for it! ๐Ÿ™‚ Thankfully, she has still been nursing regularly, which I am very glad we’ve been able to continue while teething makes life painful for her. She also seems generally happier, but that my just be feeding off of Hana Kate’s improved happiness, as well–hers comes from the fact that Daddy is no longer leaving for class in the mornings. ๐Ÿ™‚

At 19 Months:

Eden got sick this month–a random tummy bug that kept her out for a whole week of throwing up on and off every few hours. Whew! She lost some weight as a result, though I didn’t get exact numbers. But the next week she sure made up for it eating solids and nursing like a…what?? a lion? a pig? Anyway, she ate a lot and we noticed at the end of that week that she had really filled out!

So far no vaccinations, so we don’t really need to head to the doctor’s office very frequently. However, since I took her in with her sickness, I went ahead and asked him about something I’d observed: her legs. Our doctor confirmed that she did indeed have bowed legs, which has caused intoe-ing when she walks (the bowed legs are also visible). I had read that the treatment today was to just let them grow out of it (as opposed to braces or worse). He also confirmed that we would be fine to follow that route (and it was what he would have recommended).

Eden is starting to say a few more words, and has asked to use the potty a couple of times when she’s observed Hana Kate doing it. So far, she just gets a look of terror when I put her on though. ๐Ÿ˜‰

At 20 Months:

This has been a fun month to watch Eden grow and develop. We were at my mom’s house on the day she turned 20 months, and she was very excited to be at “Haw-ee’s” house! For some reason in the days before we traveled up, Eden had heard us talking about Grandma Hawley (who, at 19 months was referred to as “ya-ya,” of Eden’s own pronunciation attempts) and had latched on to calling her by her last name as she could say it: “Haw-ee.” So it was hilarious to see her follow her around and show things to or ask for “Haw-ee.”.

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