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Sweet and Silly Sisters

October 3, 2011
The other day we were talking about Hana Kate’s friend, K-, and she said, “I really love K- M-.” I said, “Is she your best friend?” Hana Kate said very matter-of-factly, “No. Daddy is my best friend.” 🙂 But tonight she told me that I was, too. Perhaps her list is growing…
Eden is starting to say her own funny things. Last night at supper after Daniel had prayed and thanked God for our food, Eden said “Hannie pray, toooooo!” Daniel said, “Hana Kate, do you want to pray, too?” Hana Kate shook her head, and then Eden said, “Me, pray!” Daniel asked Eden if she wanted to pray, and she nodded her head. Hana Kate said to her, “Eden, say ‘Dear God…'” Eden said, “No!” (which she says in a very Southern accent) and then folded her hands and said “Ay-men!” 🙂 So I guess her current idea of praying is to keep it short. She started laughing and soon enough none of us could stop laughing. It was so cute and funny at the same time!
Oh, and check out that picture of Hana Kate. Tucked between her bed and the wall, you may see the red handle of her child-size rolling pin. Yes. When asked about it, she told me it helped her sleep better. But I don’t think it’s because she’s thinking about using it as protection from intruders–she also slept with some Korean chopsticks the last two nights, citing the same reason. Hana Kate has recently been going to sleep after being read from Dr. Seuss’ The Sleep Book. It is by far the most soporific children’s literature we’ve read at bedtime, as most nights she is asleep within 30 to 60 seconds of finishing the book. And while Hana Kate is drifting into a state of lethargy from the rhythmic reading, we’re silently laughing at lines from the book like this:

“Sleepwalking, too, are the curious Crandalls
Who sleepwalk on hills with assorted-size candles.
The Crandalls walk nightly in slumbering peace
In spite of slight burns from the hot dripping grease.”

Actually, sometimes she laughs out loud at parts, too. We treasure these precious times spent each night with our girls as they drift off to sleep.


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