No Diving Allowed!

September 24, 2011

There are some very important rules to Hana Kate, at least in her mind. Come over and just try to jump on our trampoline with your shoes on, and Hana Kate will adamantly insist that you must remove your shoes. And you’d better not even look like you’re running or walking fast around the pool or road. Hana Kate will tell you to stop faster than you can get to the other side. (And probably tell you that you’re going to skin your knee if you keep running, too. :))

Tonight Daniel thought it would be a good idea to enjoy the pool since it’s still open and the temps are high again. He turned to Hana Kate and asked her (as he sometimes includes a bit of dramatic language in his conversations with her), “Would you like to go dive into the crystal-clear waters of the pool with me?” Hana Kate immediately replied, “No, Daddy! We can’t dive at the pool. There are signs that say you can’t. But there’s only one place that you might be able to dive. But I can’t dive, Daddy.” Glad we got that settled..

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