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Washcloths and Weddings

September 1, 2011

Yesterday, Hana Kate and I were folding laundry. Hana Kate had folded all the washclothes, and asked me for more to fold. There were mostly hanging items left, so I told her that if she wanted to put them away for me she could go show Daddy and then put them on any of the shelves in the upstairs bathroom. She had them all in a pile she’d made, and though she’s never put away the washcloths in our new house I expected that she would just put the whole stack away as it was. I’d forgotten about it until later in the day, and so when I was in that bathroom again I opened the closet door to see what she’d done, and found this:

So sweet and funny! Wonder what she was thinking while she put each one out. 🙂

Eden thought it would be good to put chapstick on her “bah-bah:”

Hana Kate has continued to be enraptured with thinking about, talking about, and forcing her friends to play wedding. (Pictured with her friend, KM, after a swim, and after they’d decided to use their towels as wedding garb and announced that they were getting married…just waiting on their grooms? :)) Well, just 2 days after that particular practice wedding, we had Hana Kate’s boy friend, J, over. As I was talking downstairs, I heard Hana Kate laughing and running after him. After a big chuckle, I heard her shout, “J! Let’s have a wedding!” So, I guess we have to admit that at the ripe age of 3 she is chasing boys and proposing. (Of course, in full disclosure, she might make the same request of just about anyone her age. But she only chases those who run. ;)) At the moment, she knows that a wedding should include a bride, bridesmaid(s), and she can point out some classical pieces as being worthy as “wedding music.” So, there was a bit of confusion in her mind when she learned that our friend, B, is going to get married.

Daniel is going to be in the wedding, so he told Hana Kate that in February, we would all get to go to Uncle B’s wedding and he was going to be in the wedding. Here’s the conversation that followed:

Hana Kate: (with great excitement for her daddy) “Daddy! Are you going to be a bridesman?”
Daniel: “No, I’m going to be a groomsman.”
HK: (with a look of confusion) “Will you still be a daddy?”
Daniel: “Yes, I’ll still be a daddy.”
HK: “Daddy, did you know that there are also flower girls who throw down flowers?”

This whole fascination is very funny for me to watch develop, as this is very different from the childhood fascination I had! 🙂.

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