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Pushover Daddy and Catechisms with Eden

August 27, 2011

Want to know what a pushover Daddy looks like? Here’s Hana Kate and Eden playing HK’s new favorite game: it’s called “Pushover Daddy,” according to her. It has also been called “Pushover Uncle Andrew.” If you want to play someday, she’s happy to name it after others, too. 🙂 (Yes, Eden is only partially clothed. She is begging and begging to wear “bigh pant-ese” these days, though with only partial success in keeping them dry. She also feels like taking her other clothes off helps, too.)

A lot of people told me life changes when your second child become mobile, mostly in that it gets busier. I definitely agree. But no one really told me how much life would change when my second started talking. Eden is definitely talking all the time these days, though sometimes it can be a challenge to understand what she’s saying. Not to mention that the only times when Hana Kate is not talking are when she’s eating, sleeping, watching a video, or in a room full of adults, so there is a lot of talking going on in our house. She’s also been teaching Eden new words. It’s so fun to hear them working on having a conversation. HK also loves to tell Eden, “Eden, say ‘one,'” “Eden, say ‘two’,” etc… Then Hana Kate and Eden burst into uproarious laughter.  Anyway, the noise level around here is definitely going up!

Another thing Hana Kate has been trying to teach Eden is the first catechism. (We use this book.) The first question is, “Who made you?” So, Hana Kate has been teaching that to Eden. Here is their conversation the other day at the pool:

Hana Kate: “Eden, who made you?”

Eden: “God!!!”

Hana Kate: “Who made Mommy?” (this was not how our booklet asks–she was adding extra)

Eden: “God!!” “Goddie!” (I’m afraid at this point, she started adding an -ie ending onto God, and ending she adds to lots of words. ;))

Hana Kate: Who made Daddy?”

Eden: “God-die!”

Hana Kate: “What else did God make?”

Eden: (pauses for a moment) “God-die Mahn-ey (she’s taken to calling me a mix of “Mommy” and “money” these days), God-die Daddy, God-die Han-nie, God-die…Edie!”

At this point we all started laughing. Hana Kate figured Eden was doing a good job, so she asked again.

Hana Kate: “What else did God make?”

Eden: “appuhs!” (apples) “God-die app-uhs!”

Hana Kate: (Thinking this was a fun game) “What else did God make?

Eden: “net!”

Hana Kate: “Whate else did God make?”

Eden: “net!” (We were at the pool when this conversation occured, and Eden had a small net in her hand.)

And thus this conversation ended..

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  • Hannah Goodman August 27, 2011 at 9:14 am

    Hahaha! Our catechism conversations end around there and like that also. We get the first one down, and the second, but my three year old doesn’t like the word,”why,” so asking him, “Why did God make you and all things?” makes him just wander off, away from the questioner.