History Lessons and Bathtime Fun

July 20, 2011

We are up visiting my Mom while Daniel is out of town for on a business trip. Yesterday we visited the school where Grandma teaches, and had fun playing in the school gymnasium and visiting Grandma’s classroom. Hana Kate thinks it is amazing that Grandma teaches at a school, so she asked her to teach “real school” for her. Grandma had to teach a real lesson and Hana Kate was such an attentive student that Grandma had to keep teaching and teaching and teaching… I’ve been taking videos of our days to share with Daniel, and these are some of the highlights that I want to remember. (These were taken with my phone, so the quality isn’t so good. But that’s probably a good thing since most of them were taken in the bath. And if you’re not family, take my warning that these might be incredibly boring. In fact, they might be so even if you are family. :))

(Warning, this first one is long, but it is hilarious to see HK so enthralled and studious about listening to “school.” Grandma had actually been teaching for several minutes when I started recording, teaching about George Washington. I’m not sure how Hana Kate knew students take notes in school; Grandma told me that Hana Kate asked for the paper and pencil so she could take notes.)

Later on (in the bathtub), Hana Kate remembered that the first President’s name was George Washington, after being prompted that his last name was Washington. However, this takes places after some major bathtime craziness at the beginning of the video:

Speaking of bathtime craziness, this one is my favorites. The girls are being really loud and making each other laugh:

And continuing the theme, here’s a final bathtime video, in which Hana Kate will instruct you on how to clean your bathtub:


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