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Rainy Day Hilarity

July 5, 2011

I’m not sure if it was the weather or what, but Hana Kate has been a constant source of laughter all day long–even before the afternoon and evening rains came! (Actually, come to think of it, I don’t think she cried, whined, or fussed all day long either…if it’s the weather, I’ll take it for a while!) I didn’t even get to get all of them down, but here are a few of the things she said:

Since it was cooler today (you know, in the mid-80’s instead of high 90’s), the girls and I walked to the park in the afternoon. It was still pretty warm, so we stayed in the shade most of the time. After throwing leftover 4th of July poppers, Hana Kate decided to collect some leaves. After she’d gathered a few, she looked at me as if she had an inspiration and asked, “Mommy! Are these sycamore trees?! (as in Zacchaeus) (This one’s not that funny, I know; I just want to remember it. ;))

Later in the afternoon, after Daniel and I were discussing various words Eden had been trying to say, Hana Kate asked “Does Eden speak a different language?”

The girls and I were on the screened porch while the storm was here, and I opened a window. Hana Kate asked me, “Mommy, is it going to get wet in here if you open that window?” I replied, “No, that’s just to let a cross-breeze come in and to let the air in.” She thought for a moment, and then asked, “Is the rain kind of like an air conditioner for the outside?”

Still on the porch, we looked out to see a large puddle forming. Hana Kate: “O, look there’s a puddle! Maybe some frogs will come and think it’s a nice place to live and they will be our pets and they will like that puddle.” (We had read some books about frogs recently.)

We came back inside and were listening to the thunder. Hana Kate: “Mommy, is this storm one of those big ones where it makes everything go down and you have to go downstairs in the basement and the storm won’t get you there?” Me: “You mean a tornado?” HK: “Yes, I want one of those to come.” (I explained to her that, no, we didn’t want one to come!)

Hana Kate was talking at suppertime, and all of the sudden stopped in mid-sentence. A smile started to form on her face, and she exclaimed, “Oh, no! I lost what I was going to say!” (I have to admit, at this point in life she can sometimes do some absent-minded things like asking where something is while she’s holding it, etc…)

Then, the girls found a bug on Hana Kate’s bedroom wall. Hana Kate asked me if it was a “nice bug, ” and I told her it was.  (Hana Kate’s insect categorization system: “Nice bugs” = bugs that don’t sting or bite; “angry bugs” = bugs that sting or bite, sugar ants also qualify for this if they’re in our house, as do gross bugs like cockroaches ;)) It was a little moth-like flying insect and they had sooo much fun chasing it around the house trying to catch it. I overheard things like: “Come here, my pet fly!” “Are you sleeping? Did my loud voice wake her up?” “How does the pet bug sleep?” “He likes my tent!” “How to bugs go potty?”

HK: “Mommy, can I have a snack please?” (It was after supper, and she had eaten an amazingly big supper–something that hasn’t happened as much recently. :))
Me: “Okay, would you like some yogurt?”
HK: “No thank you. A different snack.”
Me: “Would you like some goldfish?”
HK: “Yes, and a different snack.”
Me: “Umm, would you like pretzels, too?”
HK: “Yes, and a different snack.”
Me: “Well, I don’t know that there are many other options tonight.”
HK: “There’s some Chex Mix. It’s downstairs in the basement. In Daddy’s office.” (a.k.a., Daddy’s secret snack stash that he sometimes lets the girls eat when they visit him in his office. :))
Me: “Oh, you’re right. We’ll ask Daddy. (Yes.) Would you like some Chex Mix, then?”
HK: “Yesplease (that’s one word, too)! Can I go with you, Mommy?”
Me: “I think I’ll just go really fast for now so I can come back up and be with Eden.”
HK: “Are you going to cry?”
Me: “No…why would I cry?”
HK: “Cause you’ll be all alone and I won’t be with you.”


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