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A Spot of Tea

June 30, 2011

On Wednesday midmorning, Hana Kate requested that we have “tea, crafts, and bagelwithcreamcheese (the latter is all one word).” She also asked me, “Mommy, when people drink tea do they sometimes eat chocolate with it?” I knew this to be her indirect way of requesting chocolate, so we had some chocolate, too! (She often asks for things indirectly. For instance, she never directly requests or tells us she needs to go potty, but instead asks something like, “Mommy, do you need to go potty?” The customary reply by the parent would be, “No, I don’t. Do you?” To which she says “yes.” And off we go. Ah, learning the customs and culture of my 3yo while she simultaneously learns ours and develops more of her own. Love it!)

Of course, when Eden saw us, she requested a cup, too. I had brewed up enough water for 2 cups, so used the same tea bag so it would be diluted. But really, Eden was most excited about the ice I put in her cup to cool it down.

I love that my 3-year-old loves tea. (And even Eden drinks tea.) When I went to tea parties at that age (My grandma had one every Sunday afternoon; we were happy to spend a few with her) I just drank apple juice and ate a sugar cube. 🙂 But be it known, that later that day the aforementioned 3-year-old was also playing in the dirt. A well-rounded day, I hope. 😉


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  • Hannah Goodman June 30, 2011 at 6:02 pm

    Pretty tea cups!! And lovely girls, too!

  • Keren June 30, 2011 at 6:20 pm

    Thanks! And thanks. 😉 I only have 4 right now, and it is what my grandma had growing up. The girls used to have calming tea as their bedtime ritual, but we’ve gotten away from it with later summertime bedtimes. I’m starting to like tea, too.