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The Ever Quotable…

June 24, 2011

Love this picture taken from Daniel's phone

The ever quotable Hana Kate: “Mommy, I’m playing forest with these little bears and Allie the Tiger!”

Me: “Oh! What are you going to do with them tonight?”

HK: “Well, first I need to clip their toenails.” (Totally out of the blue–we’d done nothing toenail related, etc…, and with a very matter-of-fact statement of this as the agenda.)
While reading about John the Baptist: “Daddy! I want to do that, too! I want to eat some grasshopper locusts and honey!”
While playing with Eden: “Hey, Mommy! I’m singing a song about spilling things! (Her song:) “Every day we spill, spill, spill things!” “Pour it only the cup.”
Eden was holding her toy shark, pretending it was her baby. She was making crying noises, and Hana Kate said, “She’s making it cry so much that Eden’s almost crying herself!”


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