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Laughing Again

May 20, 2011

Hana Kate has said countless funny things that I’ve failed to record. But while I’m remembering these recent accounts, I want to get them down:

The actual lizard we saw

While on vacation, we were all walking together, preparing to go down the stairs to exit our condo. Suddenly, Hana Kate was startled and said to Daniel. “Ahhh! Daddy, it’s an alligator! Watch out!” With puzzled looks, we asked her where she saw the alligator. She pointed to an area with several air conditioning units. While her imagination is intensely vivid, she seemed to be serious. Finally, I spotted what she was referring to: a lizard! She actually had seen some live alligators earlier that week, both at the zoo and in a pond, but we stayed very far away. She also had a lot of “cartoonish” pictures of alligators as some of her stickers and in some coloring sheets she had. So maybe she didn’t really get how big they were? Or maybe she just thought they came in a great variety of sizes; admittedly, a lizard can look like a miniature version of a cartoon alligator, particularly.

The next day, we were coming down the same stairs again and she started singing, “Lizards won’t eat you, but alligators will. Lizards are nice, but alligators are big.” Then she beamed, “Mommy! I made up a song.”

This confusion has had us smiling for days.


Tonight at supper, I gave Hana Kate a small portion of salad on her plate. Suddenly she calmly asked, “Daddy, why is there a fly in my salad? Did it grow there?” We looked, and to our surprise, there was a dead fly mingled in with her salad! The salad greens came from a case of pre-washed salad greens, and I haven’t observed any houseflies in our house recently. I think that case will be being returned for a refund! We immediately replaced her plate and food, and explained that flies aren’t supposed to be in salads. (Actually, although the fly was dead this was a pretty big step for her: she’s been terrified of any flying flies the last month or so, so much that she’s fallen apart emotionally twice now if she knows one is nearby but she or the fly can’t be removed from sharing the same airspace.) A few minutes later, she asked, “Does Eden’s salad have flies in it?”.

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  • Charity May 24, 2011 at 10:47 am

    I love reading your Hana Kate “cute tales”. Having four littles, five years and under, I can certainly relate. Most folks think we’re crazy for not having TV, but we just smile, because we know our children are much more entertaining than any TV show could ever be! 🙂