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Hana Kate’s First Haircut: 4.14.11

May 5, 2011

I figured I’d better document this momentous occasion before it was over a month ago! We finally got Hana Kate’s first haircut, at 38 months old. She had been looking forward to it for months, as I had told her we might get it cut for her birthday. After much deliberating, we finally decided it was time.

We went to Jelly Beans Hair Designs, which gives the first haircut for one penny. It was really nice, though I didn’t really know what to expect. First, they washed Hana Kate’s hair like they would in a salon. Hana Kate was so serious during this part, but when I asked her if she was scared she said she wasn’t. A few weeks later when we were recounting the event, I was telling her how brave she was, and she remarked, “I had to be brave because the water was warm.” So, apparently, it wasn’t the stranger washing her hair that scared her, or climbing up onto a high bed that scared her, but the warm water. 🙂 In truth, she is pretty picky about her bath water or food being too hot.

Next, she got to climb up onto a “car” which was the seat where they cut her hair. I think she really liked this. (And Eden really wanted to do this part, too. Thankfully, Daddy was there, too, to hang out with her. 🙂 They cut only the tiniest sliver of hair off the back, but it did even things out in the back. After that, they used a blow-dryer to dry her hair. Daniel and I don’t use one at home, so I was a little concerned that the loud noise would scare her and explained that it was like what Aunt Emby uses on her hair. 😉 It didn’t seem to phase her, though, and she sat seriously through the whole experience. At the end, her stylist (who was pregnant with twins) put her hair in a braid and added a flower clip to it.

At the end, they gave Hana Kate a certificate with her first lock of cut-hair taped to it. In fact, they gave me all the hair they cut off…wasn’t much! Both girls got a balloon with a bag of jellybeans attached to it.

Hana Kate absolutely loved the experience, and has only just this week stopped talking about it every day. (I’m sure, though, that if Daddy or Mommy get a haircut she’ll be asking for one again.) She had been asking for a haircut, a pet, and a baby almost every day. Sadly for everyone, we’ve been able to give her none of those requests. But at least she did finally get a haircut!

I’m afraid she might expect all haircuts to be a salon treatment haircut. Though at the rate her hair grows, it might be a couple of years before she needs another, and it might just be worth the experience again by then! 🙂


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