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The Golden Month-day: 17 Months!

April 18, 2011

Eden turned 17 months today. I guess if you can have a golden birthday, you can have a golden monthday, too!

At 17 months:

Eden weighs 25 lbs. (according to our measurements), wears mostly 18-24 months and size 4 diapers and size 6 shoes. (From her update at 14 months, it appears that her feet are doing all the growing. But I can assure that she is growing up to be tall and skinny at this point!)

She still has only 8 teeth (4 front top, 4 front bottom), but has 4 molars pushing their way through. It’s easy for me to forget that it is actually probably hard to eat without molars, but when she can’t eat particular foods I usually remember that that is why! She doesn’t do well on highly liquidized or highly textured foods, but she eats well the things she can. She loves lasagna, macaroni, yogurt, and frozen peas. Or chocolate. She knows where the chocolate chips are an frequently will ask for one. She is still nursing regularly during the day and at least once at night (at nighttime, due to her teeth coming in, I believe). She still takes one nap per day, usually 1 to 2 hours long, and usually sleeps 10 to 12 hours at night.

Eden’s vocabulary is growing gradually, and she is also learning to nod her head for “yes,” as opposed to just shaking her head “no” for everything, including when she meant yes. 🙂 Every once in a while, though, she’ll say a long word or phrase that will surprise us, like “dandelion,” or “where is it?” In other areas, we just have to figure out what she’s trying to tell us. Sometimes she’ll use a word that carries multiple meanings, like “dow-un” means “down” and “up” and “hold me,” and also sounds remarkably similar to “duh-ne.” And “playground” and “downtown” sound the same when she says them; but it doesn’t matter which one she is referring to: both mean she will put on her shoes and stand by the door. But for the present, we seem to be understanding her and she seems to understand us quite well.

Her great struggle in life right now is her strong desire to go outdoors. She is steadily developing in learning to handle her emotions when she can’t have something she wants, but it is the epitome of a tragedy to her if she’s not able to go outside (particularly if she hasn’t been out for the day yet).

Eden is also asking to “pray” these days. For a while, we would all hold hands as a family while praying, which was something she struggled to do; but when we started folding our hands, she liked (and understood) this version much more and will frequently ask to pray in multiple times during a meal or even randomly throughout the day when she folds her hands and makes a little noise to indicate she’d like us to pray. Hana Kate did this too, and it is so sweet and funny at the same time!

She also loves to try on clothes (because Hana Kate does) and loves to read books! I think she is more interested in books than Hana Kate was at this age. Her current favorite books are a Baby Faces book, Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? Goodnight Moon, and Chicka, Chicka, Boom! Boom! She also loves babies, and we enjoy looking at pictures and books about them and she takes good care of her babies, too, often kissing them or making them make crying sounds and then taking care of them. 🙂 She also really wants to sit on the potty like Hana Kate, but when I put her on she isn’t really sure what to do and looks at me with a scared look in her eye. Oh well. At least she’s interested. 🙂.

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