Sisters, Sisters

April 14, 2011

This morning the girls were watching a bumblebee that had been captured in between the inside and outside window panes. I ran to get the camera to take a picture of the bee, but instead got a picture of the girls watching it and then a short video of Hana Kate making Eden laugh. But only about 15 seconds into it, Daniel arrived home from class and they were distracted by the honking horn. (Video link is here, if it is not showing up onscreen.)

Eden loves watching Hana Kate and laughing at her! (What’s even funnier about these pictures is that when I showed them to Hana Kate this afternoon, she started laughing out loud at Eden! Too bad I couldn’t get that on video…)

The girls are really starting to enjoy each other, though at this point Hana Kate is far more longsuffering to Eden’s desires than Eden is to hers. I was finally able to grab the camera and get a picture of them playing together on the porch. We’ve found both of them pushing each other, but most of the time it is Hana Kate pushing Eden.

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