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April 6, 2011

Background: For a while, Hana Kate has been asking to have a pet. Actually, the first few times she requested a “dog pet.”

While grocery shopping with me, we passed some pet food, and she turned to me and said, “Oh, we need to buy some of that, because maybe we are going to get a pet.”


Hana Kate has a fascination with trying to understand the past. She talks a lot about things “when I was a baby.” The other day, we had read about the Garden of Eden, and she had noted that it was like our Eden, and I had explained why we had given her that name. Apparently, she mulled over that thought for a whole day, and finally came up with this thought, the next day: “When I was a baby, and when I was born there was noooo Eden. She was in the garden. The Garden of Eden.”


While on a walk, we walked by a house that had a swingset and red barn-like shed in the back yard. Hana Kate exclaimed with great excitement, “Those people have a playground…and a farm! They have a farm!”  (As background to this, Hana Kate has been asking almost every day if we can visit a farm. We frequently hear, “I really, really want to go visit a farm.”)


Background: I had told Hana Kate she could be done with her rest time, but apparently she hadn’t heard me. It was about 5:15p.m., and Daniel had come upstairs from work.

Daniel: Hana Kate, can I play with you?

Hana Kate: Yes, but I have to be quiet because I’m still having rest time. 🙂


After going through Eden’s body parts, Hana Kate asked me, “Can you ask me alllll of my body parts?”

So, I went through all the basic ones and she told me the correct name. Then I pointed to her thigh and asked her if she knew what it was called. She didn’t, so I told her it was her thigh, to which she replied, “I don’t have very much thigh.”.

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