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St. Patrick’s Day 2011

March 23, 2011

This year, we celebrated St. Patrick’s Day for the first time. Hana Kate had known that St. Patrick’s Day was the holiday of anticipation for the month of March. Anytime she heard someone talking about March, she reminded us (or them) that St. Patrick’s Day was coming and that you wear green. So we did.

We ate breakfast as normal…just oatmeal with blueberries and ice cream (cream + sugar). Like we do. Every day. Daniel was away at class and then the auto shop, so the girls and I opened their presents for the day: a new bow for Hana Kate and green shirts, and the books: The Story of Saint Patrick’s Day, board book, and Patrick: Patron Saint of Ireland. Sadly, the sewing machine was irreparably broken (at least temporarily) in the middle of making new skirts for the girls. Sad…more for me than them, though.

We played outside. We drew birds with sidewalk chalk. We looked for shamrocks (and found dandelions, too). I tried to convince Hana Kate that a shamrock (the word) was a plant, not a rock. But she had it stuck in her head that the “-rock” meant it was indeed a stone. Hana Kate has many malapropisms–I’ll need to get them down, but they’re quite funny!

We tickled our sisters.

We climbed into giant pots (and Mommy thinks we’re worth far more than a pot of gold).

We ate BLT salads for lunch.

We beat our drum and chased away the snakes, and learned lots of other interesting things about Saint Patrick and his love for God.

We ate corned beef, boiled cabbage, and red potatoes for supper. In the words of Eden, “yuuuuum!” Hana Kate requested lots and lots of corned beef–that was her favorite. And I didn’t even know until the next day that my dear husband is not fond of cabbage. 😉

That was our exciting day! We made some crafts that I didn’t photograph, but I think it was a good holiday celebration for all of us, and hopefully an enjoyable tradition that we’ll enjoy for years to come and through it learn to treasure God more. And there were lots of other fun ideas that didn’t get squeezed into our day…to await our action until next year..

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