Happy with Daddy

March 1, 2011

Daniel was finally able to join us for some time downtown. Although the girls love being there and playing regardless, they aren’t so fond of continuing to act natural with the camera…unless Daddy is there!

Since she was just a few months old, people frequently told me that Eden had some funny facial expressions. I didn’t think them to be out of the ordinary at the time, and they probably still aren’t. But she now has a trademark silly face, apparently one that her daddy used to make, too–scrunching up her nose and lips. (And, she is more and more resembling his baby pictures than she is mine.) Silly girl!

We enjoyed a picnic in the park followed by one of Hana Kate’s favorite activities: throwing rocks into the water. Of course, that was great for Eden, because one of her favorite activities is doing whatever she sees Hana Kate doing. 🙂

We stopped briefly at the bubble tea shop–Hana Kate’s favorite little place to stop. Well, we’ve only been there twice now, but it is really special for her to get a cookie and tea and eat outside. We finally remembered to bring some old bread. Of course, the one time we remembered, the ducks were overfed and floating the obese little bodies as far away from the human food machines as possible. Since, probably half of Greenville was downtown that day.






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