So Sweet, So Funny

February 8, 2011

Daniel was gone for 5 days. Thursday night we went to the airport to pick him up. There were 2 happy little girls and 1 possibly even happier Mommy! Hana Kate loved seeing the airport, so we walked around a little so we could see the fountain. Daniel and Hana Kate were holding hands, walking down the path. Hana Kate looked up at Daniel (she had already hugged him and expressed her joy at his return earlier) and ever so sweetly said, “I’m so happy to see you again, Daddy.”

This morning Daniel and I were talking and Hana Kate was playing with her new airplanes Daniel got her for her birthday. While we were talking, she looked up at Daniel and said, “Excuse me, Daddy, but could you please play with me?” Who can resist such sweet words? Not her Daddy! 🙂


On the way to the airport, I had Hana Kate wear her pink “Birthday Girl” shirt. Eden just happened to be wearing a pink shirt that said “Old Navy” on it. As we were putting on their coats to go out the door, Hana Kate looked at Eden and then said to me, “We have on matching shirts!” I said, “Well, her’s doesn’t say ‘Birthday Girl,’ though, it says ‘Old Navy.'” Hana Kate then looked at me with a curious expression and said, “It says ‘Old Baby?'” 🙂

We were playing with a pack of balloons I found while organizing. I had blown up several. The smallest she requested to be the baby penguin. Then she found 2 big ones and said, “these can be the Mommy and the Daddy.” Then, she found one similar in size and said, “This one can be the fat child.” Fat child. Ha! 🙂 She makes families out of lots of items (if there are 4 of them), and there has to be the Daddy and Mommy, the child, and the baby. And she always refers to them as “the child” and “the baby.”

Daniel (at the table at lunch): “You’ve been doing a really good job with manners, Hana Kate.”

Hana Kate: “Thank you!” (It might not sound that funny, but it was pretty funny!)


On Saturday, Daniel and I were talking about iPods and iPhone apps, and I said, “Hey, why don’t you just download Angry Birds to see what all the rage is about.” So he did, and put it on his iPod Touch. The next evening (Sunday), we were eating supper and Daniel was telling me that there was going to be Superbowl commercial about Angry Birds.  So we started talking about it, and I said, “So what is the game anyway? How do you play it?”

Hana Kate responded, “You pull the bird back, and then you throw him like this.” Daniel had showed Hana Kate the game on Saturday, and let her play it once. I had no idea she had, but Daniel said, “Yep. That’s right.” 🙂 And then she asked if she could play it again that night after suppertime chores. O. dear. My 3-year-old already knows more about video games than me..

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  • Hannah Goodman February 8, 2011 at 10:32 pm

    Hah! Hana Kate has joined my own three-year old–Stephen LOVES Angry Birds! He plays it on my phone, he sets up his blocks and tosses stuffed animals at the tower while humming the theme song, he prances around the house humming the music, and his grandmother is even crocheting him a set of stuffed Angry Birds characters, green pigs and all! All he needs now is a t-shirt!

    • Keren February 23, 2011 at 10:30 pm

      Ahh!! Too cute! I finally played it myself. Kinda fun. 🙂