The Birthday Eve

February 1, 2011

I’m a little sad that I didn’t get to tuck my two-year-old into bed on the eve of her third birthday. Instead, she fell asleep on her own. Normally Daddy is the one who is the last-goodnighter to her, so this week I’ve enjoyed the treat.

As I was putting Eden to bed, she started asking for Daddy and when she realized she couldn’t have him she started crying really hard. Then she asked for her baby, which is the first time she’s done that. It took her a little longer to finally get to sleep, but she is now snoring away.

Since the normal routine is for me to help Eden get to sleep and Daniel to help with Hana Kate, I’ve really had to depend on Hana Kate to wait patiently for me to help her to bed this week. The first night she was very emotional about Daddy being gone and we all ended up sleeping in my bed, but she has done better each night. Last night, she asked me to give her lion a back massage, too, and promptly fell asleep when she felt he too must have been able to relax. 🙂

Tonight Hana Kate came into our bedroom only once after I’d been gone a while already, and I told her it was taking longer and she needed to go back to her room. As I was rocking Eden, I heard Hana Kate singing happily to herself and then soon it was all quiet.

After Eden was asleep, I confirmed my suspicions that Hana Kate had fallen asleep…on the floor, all curled up in a blanket and with a pillowcase over her feet. Surrounding her were her animals, her snack bowl and a huge pile of wipes that I had told her she could use to wipe of her hands after her snack. She’d been tired all day (and had told me so), and finally knew it was time to sleep. She’s fallen asleep like this (on the floor) during her rest times before, but I don’t think she has for bedtime.

It’s so beautiful to watch her grow, but bittersweet to see these years slipping by so quickly. I think I’m actually sad that she fell asleep on her own, with us having our final goodnights or in-bed stories…

Good night, my sweet two-year-old. I’ll see a fresh three-year-old in the morning!.

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