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Eden at 14 months

January 17, 2011

Happy 14 months, dear Eden!

At 14 months:

Eden weighs 24 lbs. and is 30 inches long (according to our measurements), wears mostly 18-24 months and size 4 diapers and size 4 shoes.

She loves her family, especially Daddy and Hana Kate. Oh, and Mommy, too.

She is starting to walk a lot more, and LOVES “Ring-around-the-rosies.” She is also an amazing climber! (It is a good thing we live where we do now and not at our previous house, with the broken staircase.) She loves to explore and find all sorts of little things to play with. If she sees someone doing the dishes she really feels that she must help, and pushes the Learning Tower to the sink and will climb up herself. And of course, cleaning is another enjoyable activity for her. She also enjoys playing with toys, and is very affectionate to stuffed animals and plastic-faced babies (as opposed to cloth-faced babies :)). She is a very active baby, but thankfully seems to enjoy being worn on my back part of the day, as well. (Which is how she frequently falls asleep for her nap.) Still hates car rides with a passion, but will usually fall asleep if it’s a normal sleeping time.

Eden is still nursing 5+ times a day. She started eating solids regularly at the end of 12 months (though she sampled a bit here and there around 6 months on), and her favorite foods are frozen peas, bagels with cream cheese, grape tomatoes, and any chocolate she can find. Like her older sister she is starting to like “dip,” which is usually ranch dressing. She eats much better while sitting in a normal seat with booster than if she’s in a high-chair. We think she feels left out. 🙂 She has 8 teeth at the moment.

She goes to bed around 8p.m. and gets up around 8a.m., waking up usually one or more times to nurse at night. She sleeps in our bed, and occasionally in a co-sleeper attached to our bed. She just dropped her second nap, and now takes one nap a day. (She has never needed as much sleep as Hana Kate did, who didn’t drop her second nap until she was 20+ months.) If she is teething she wakes a bit more, but is almost always soothed right back to sleep with nursing. We’ve also had to laugh as a few times, she sat right up in bed, then promptly fell over back into her sleep. Another time, she sat up, made a “woof-woof” sound a couple of times and then a “moo,” and then laid back down and went to sleep. I guess her brain was working overtime at processing the things she’s learning.

She is starting to talk a bit more, though she doesn’t have a huge vocabulary just yet. Her most frequent word is “ball,” because she loves balls! She also thinks apples are called “a-balls,” which makes perfect sense. When she sees circles, she also gets excited and saying ball. She also likes to make a “woof-woof” sound when she hears dogs, and can also do a high-pitched meow for a cat sound, as well as “quack” for duck, “moo” for cow, and “raaw” for lion. She also loves to say, “hi,” but hers sounds more like a very deep, low “hoah.” Other words: “uh-oh,” “Da-da,” Maama,” “Thank-you” (which she uses interchangeably as a “please”), and “Meh-mah” for Grandma Hawley while we were there at Christmas.

We are so thankful God has given us Eden to enjoy for these few years. They are passing so quickly, and yet she is still a baby, really. Maybe a mix between a baby and a toddler? I see elderly people who light up at seeing babies, or older ladies who beg to hold my kids, but my kids are still a bit intimidated to go hug a stranger. Then I realize how rarely they probably see, much less touch or hold a child. And I try to remember that one day I may be that elderly woman begging an unknowing young mom to peak at her baby, yet the children cling to their mother. One day may come when I don’t know many babies to hold or they’re all far away… So I try to soak every moment with their babyhood. Infancy is past for Eden, but I have so many memories already of holding her and wearing her. She seems to need physical touch and nearness a lot more than Hana Kate does (though she has a definite need, too; Eden’s is a much more constant thing, especially when away from home), and so we’re learning how we can love her in those ways..

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