Our Morning Requests and Observations

November 8, 2010

Hana Kate had two requests for this morning:

“Mommy, let’s clean the toy room!” 🙂 So we are. Actually, it wasn’t too messy, but Eden emptied out some toy bins so we’re going to clean it.

“Can I have some tea, Mommy?” Hana Kate usually has Sleepy Time Tea before bed, but rarely has tea during the day. So we made some peppermint tea and are drinking it now. It cracks me up that she loves tea already! I was much older than her and my grandma still gave us apple juice in the tea cups when we had tea parties at her house. (These were adult teas on Sunday nights.)

While drinking her tea, I got out a frozen fruit bar that I’d picked up at Trader Joe’s to try. I told Hana Kate I would share it with her. She said, “Do you want to just take 3 bites and then be all done?” Ha! 🙂 I of course told her that we would share back and forth.  She looked at it later and said, “It’s melting! Mommy, everything melts!” I told her that most things don’t melt unless it is hot, and she said, “Pizza melts?” Then got a confused look on her face. This melting concept is really on her mind these days and it is fun to watch her put things together.

After finishing the popsicle, she exclaimed, “We need another popsicle! I’m hungry. I’ll take one more bite of popsicle.” 🙂 We didn’t have another one, though.

We went on the porch. Our washing machine/dryer are out there, and Hana Kate loves to play on it. Well, it was 40 degrees out there this morning. She looked at me and said, “It’s a tiny bit cold out here. But it’s a tiny bit warm, too.” This is coming from the girl who prefers to take her baths in all cold water, so I guess that’s why the warm part was included at 40 degrees!

She also made an observation about something else that was hilarious! But since she’d probably blush about it at some point in her life, I think I’ll refrain from putting it here..

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