Cell Phone Pics

October 14, 2010

Eden’s first time to ride in the shopping cart (Monday). I normally wear her on my back in stores, but thought she might have fun riding with Hana Kate. And…eating a cookie. Her first big cookie, too! But thankfully she mostly just sucked on it. 🙂 They also gave the girls balloons, which they both LOVED! Kept Eden quiet on the way home, until she tried to hold the balloon, and couldn’t get her arms around it.

This is what happens when Daniel comes up to use the bathroom. They can always detect when Daddy comes up. They are both particularly smitten with their daddy, but Eden in particular these days thinks that Daddy must always be with her. She usually cries when he has to go downstairs to work, or when he has to run an errand or meet someone for lunch. It is so sweet. 🙂.

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