Encouragement from Charles

September 24, 2010

“True, you are not to keep back the fundamental doctrines of the gospel: but there are different ways of stating them; and you should adopt that which expresses kindness and love, and not that which indicates an unfeeling harshness.” Charles Simeon

“Then, sir, with your leave, I will put up my dagger again; for this is all my Calvinism; this is my election, my justification by faith, my final perseverance [finding that they agreed on these things]; it is, in substance, all that I hold, and as I hold it: and therefore, if you please, instead of searching out terms and phrases to be a ground of contention between us, we will cordially unite in those things wherein we agree.” ~Charles Simeon to John Wesley (who was known for his Arminianism and attacking those who were labeled as Calvinists).

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