More Hana Kate Quotables

August 31, 2010

Some funny HK things from today:

“I’m pretty much happy, Mommy.” “I think Eden’s pretty much happy, too.” (She tends to pick up on expressions in speech like “first of all,” “a tiny bit,” etc…, and apparently “pretty much is what we have today. Later on, “Hi, Mommy! Are you happy?”

Daniel: “Hana Kate, you are a brave girl.”
Hana Kate: “I am brave?”
Daniel: “Brave is when you aren’t scared.”
Hana Kate: “I’m not brave. I am scared when a bug is on my face.” (Totally random, no bug had been on her face.)

Hana Kate, while going to bed, already “dark”: “Ah (scream of terror)!! Daddy, it’s a bug, kill it!”
Daniel: (Looks for bug) “It’s not a bug, it’s a pretzel!”
Hana Kate: “It was a pretzelll!!!!!” It was a moving pretzel!”

While talking to my sister Mary Beth on Skype, Mary Beth held up her iPhone to show Hana Kate. I was trying to explain to Hana Kate that an iPhone was like Daddy’s iPod and like Daddy’s phone, but together. I did not tell her it was called and “iPhone.” Hana Kate said, “MB, do you have an iPhone?” Guess she could go work in the naming department for Apple. 🙂

And for my record-keeping sake and those that don’t see my FB status quotes, here’s a few more:

Daniel: (singing) “Walk, walk, walk with the wise.”
Hana Kate: “I don’t want to walk with the wise. I just want to walk with my bag (she was standing ready to go the store).”

One day, I overheard Hana Kate singing “and on his farm he had a chicken-fil-a…”


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  • kat September 1, 2010 at 5:23 pm

    You just made me laugh out loud a few times. She’s awesome!