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Hilton Head: Part 1

August 26, 2010

There is so much to fill in here between now and my recent updates. So much heartache, so much rejoicing. I am really grateful I’ve kept this online chronicle, as Daniel’s computer recently crashed…so glad to have pictures and family milestones at least somewhat noted online. We’ve enjoyed a wonderful time away at Hilton Head. Oh how we have yearned for a respite, and this has been somewhat of a fulfillment of that prayer and desire.

Ready to go see the ocean, Saturday night

As planned, we left Saturday afternoon for Hilton Head. We had a big breakfast (probably a little too big–I just wanted to lay around after!) and worked on finishing up laundry and keeping the house back in order. (We’d just come off a week of having Daniel’s brother stay with us, Daniel’s parents in the States the preceding 3 weeks, and my mom staying with us 2 weeks before that…and other guests in and out a few weeks before that. Throw in a flooded basement, eye problems, back problems, a complete hard-drive crash (which is Daniel’s job/office), taking a summer school course, looking for a new church,  Daniel starting a new job, and a few other life-traumas…we were quite ready for such a time as this, but it just took us a Saturday morning to really get going.) So, in keeping with recent events, we arrived to our condo to find that the lockbox holding the key was broken. This was a new location for us to stay, so we also learned there was no security gate, place to check in/office. Just a combination to a lockbox to get our key. Which, didn’t work. Of course, that alone wouldn’t have been very exciting if we hadn’t realized that (we thought!) Daniel had left his cell phone at home. Still not exciting. So, high-90’s, about to rain, and 2 kids who aren’t so fond of traveling and are anxious to get inside made it more exciting. 🙂 At my own peril, I trekked through some ant-infested lawns and poky palm trees to find a nearby tennis shop, scheduled to close in mere minutes. We returned with the rest of the family, retrieved my computer to learn the vacation hotline (that had inevitably not printed out on the paper I thought I’d printed out) and finally get someone to come out and repair our lockbox and retrieve our key. We made our calls and waited in the air-conditioned tennis shop. Finally, a very kind repairman came and let us in. We were relieved to see our beautiful, spacious 2br, 2ba condo awaiting us. It was nearly 7:30p.m. by the time we unpacked and had supper. I made a quick trip to Piggly Wiggly (he he), and picked up a meatloaf and beans. Yum. The famished Hana Kate ate quite a bit. And I already think our vacation arrival story is quite humorous. 🙂

However, due to our Hana Kate’s highly built-up anticipation of seeing the ocean, we knew we could not let her down. In fact, she didn’t sleep a wink the whole 4.5 hour trip to HHI, because she was going to the ocean (she had been asking to go weekly since March). She was so excited, she even made up a song called, “We’re going to the beach, beach, beach,” a tune which is now stuck in my head. 🙂 So, with the moon in sky, we prepared to go see the sea. I volunteered to drop the family off so they could enjoy the beach longer (it was a 10-minute walk), and well, I don’t like getting in the ocean or sand quite as much as the girls and Daniel. 🙂 Parked the car, and had a lovely walk to the beach, where I found HK thrilled to be enjoying the elements of her surroundings. And Eden, thrilled to be eating sand, much like her friend Clifton is reported to have done. 😉

The happiness on HK's face is amazing!

We stayed at the beach until it was dark, and then headed back for bath. Eden loved her bath in the kitchen sink (thought I’d try it since it was a big sink–I’ve gotta get one of these), and Hana Kate enjoyed hers, too. They both went to sleep quickly. I think we did, too.

swim buddies

We had a quiet, restful Sunday. We spent the evening swimming. Monday, we spent some time walking around some of the shops near Coligny Beach. We enjoyed a visit to a cute little ice cream shop, and the girls LOVED playing in a toy store. They also loved playing in the fountains, and kept us all entertained! Hana Kate and Eden have been enjoying each other so much more, and it has been such a special thing to see. Hana Kate has many times asked to “hold” Eden, and they are doing quite well at making each other laugh.

Hana Kate’s excitement being here made her sooo happy! Even with the long trip and some schedule changes, and being out a lot she didn’t even cry the whole time until Tuesday evening, when a few tears were shed (mostly just tiredness). She is a generally happy girl, but boy does the beach/ocean make her h.a.p.p.y! 🙂 I suppose it might also have something to do with the fact that her Daddy is not working this week and can play with her all day. 😉 This is actually Daniel’s first real vacation since we’ve been married–in that he’s not working from vacation or not working on a correspondence course!

The weather for the week was predicted to have only 1 sunny day. So I was praying that God would give us much sunshine. Though there were a few showers, we have indeed enjoyed much sunshine! God has been so kind. More pics and updates to come!


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  • Kristen August 27, 2010 at 2:09 pm


    LOVED this update! Timothy, too, was excited to see “Hana Kate at da beach!” So glad to here you’ve have a restful and refreshing time (been praying so!) despite the few “adventures” upon your arrival.

    We’re headed out within the hour (mid Fri. afternoon) for PA – Dwight just now finished jury duty. We’ll look forward to catching up with you guys next week!

    Kristen =)