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July 1, 2010

I took the girls to get pictures taken at a studio in the mall this week. I have formerly been pleased with their quality (and their free 11×14), but not so much recently. The 2 times I’ve taken Eden (and Hana Kate with her), we’ve gotten the punk, inexperienced photographer. However, he still has a few things I don’t: a nice backdrop, a nicer camera lens, and nice lighting. However, I have one thing he doesn’t: charm. Well, at least for my girls, I do. 🙂

Kids definitely pick up on that, and I don’t think Eden smiled at him once. Of course, he didn’t really try too hard, unless you count him saying, “Uhh…hey, can you smile?” with a totally straight face. Well, my 32-week old didn’t find that quite as funny as I did. 🙂 I tried to be nice to the guy, but a few times I caught myself saying things like, “um, it’s okay…you can still take pictures even if you don’t think it’s the perfect pose,” because he would set(!) his camera down on the floor and wait for the perfect pose…which by the time he picked it up and pushed the button that perfect pose by my 2 active kids was now a new pose.

Rant aside, he did get a couple of nice shots, and Eden did smile a few times (at me, not him, I am certain). I like the girls sitting together, though we didn’t really get a smiley one. That was their first pose, and they sat together perfectly still for about 3 minutes while the photographer tried to get them to smile. Telling Hana Kate to smile is quite hilarious, because her “forced” smile is a very scrunched up face. And he didn’t know how to be funny to a 2-year old.

These pictures also show Eden’s 2 new teeth, her standing, and one of her trying to crawl away (which she did several times :)).

Right before we went, Hana Kate was telling us about what they do (and January was the last time we were there!): “We will go to get our pictures and they will tell you, “smile,” and I will go like this (makes a crazy silly face). We going to the mawwwwwwwww and to the playgrouuuuund!!!” She is the master of run-on sentences!

Note: these pictures are not taken by me, but by a photo studio. I read that you can post them online so long as you do not print them or name the studio by name.

I have a lot of new pictures to download from our camera and some updates on the girls. I’m glad to have been able to look back on what Hana Kate was doing at the age Eden is now, and have this on here!


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  • Dave (DadOf9Kids) August 23, 2010 at 12:00 pm

    Hi, Keren,

    Great pictures. I thought of them as I just joined a local photography group and went to my first ‘meet-up’ session.

    I missed seeing your updates recently. I hope all is well and that you are able to blog again soon. We are also guilty of getting into a ‘summer stall’ on our blog. Very active, busy past few months.

    Be well,
    Dave (DadOf9Kids)