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Sickie Days and a Photo Shoot

June 12, 2010

Hana Kate caught a bug that a lot of her 2-year old friends from church have had. So, we’ve had several days of high fevers and a tiny bit of throwing up. And one day of a super long nap Thankfully, that’s really all that’s hit her. Well, and a touch of being a little over-emotional (as in, I sternly asked her to come to me after endangering Eden’s well-being, and she burst into broken-hearted tears.). It also seems like several of the 2-year-olds (and thereabouts) have infant siblings who have thankfully not been affected for those who are still nursing. So we’ve rested and had some extra cuddle time, but for the most part Hana Kate has been so sweet.

Sadly, we were planning to have my brother-in-law and sister-in-law here, but we missed out because HK was still sick and potentially contagious to my niece, Eden’s age. I am trying not to be too sad about that. It that also meant we couldn’t go to the wedding that Daniel was in, or the rehearsal dinner. Hana Kate asked to go on a walk on Friday night, so we did and I took some pics (see the slideshow below).

And I spoke too soon about Eden’s “no teeth,” for she indeed has 2 little teeth now! On Wednesday night after church she started crying really hard, which is very abnormal for her (as long as I’m holding her :)). So, I decided to check for teeth. Indeed, 1 was popping through: her first tooth! And today (Saturday), I noticed a second bottom tooth. She doesn’t seem to be too bothered by it, but she woke up Wednesday night around 11p.m. and then early this morning. So I fed her and let her sleep with me, and she was perfectly fine. She does seem to be a little more sensitive to pain than Hana Kate, but still not too bad with teething yet. We love having her sleep with us, so these are special times.

The girls have really been enjoying each other a lot more this week. This gives me hope that Hana Kate will not always think Eden is coming to get her toys. I think that she’s realizing she can make her laugh, which is something that she usually likes to do. Eden, of course, still thinks Hana Kate can do no wrong. The snatching of the toy back to Eden is just a game, and she inevitably laughs. She’d just better not take her food! Actually, Hana Kate has been really good about that. Sometimes, I’ll catch her breaking off tiny little bites of bread and giving them to Eden. And when Eden woke up from a long nap, HK asked if she could get Eden’s cup and give it to her. 🙂

Sometimes there are moments I feel like life is going in slow motion and I can just soak it all in. Today, I had Pandora playing a Jim Brickman station (sentimental piano music) and we were all playing together. It hit me at what a wonderful life God has given me. Why me? So undeserving of this, so undeserving of everything. But I’m soaking in these precious times with my girls. It’s exciting to think of how little of our future I know of. Our family dynamics…sometimes I think we’re a family of all girls, but who knows…could be 2 girls and 8 boys! Or 6 girls and no boys! We don’t know where in Madagascar we’ll be, what trials we’ll go through, if God might take some of us home before others, if we’ll be able to adopt, and on and on. But God knows how to give His children good gifts. I don’t need personal experience to tell me that, just His Word. But at the same time I do know this from personal experience. Well, that it far more than I intended to write, and the dishes are calling. Yes, they are, there are that many! 🙂.

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