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29 Weeks

June 8, 2010

We now have a 29-week-old as of today! Yikes! Almost out of the 20’s!

Well, our 29-week-old is definitely on the move! She started army crawling at the end of 5 months, but has assumed that position for most of her crawling. Just this past week, she learned how to go from crawling to sitting back up by herself. That means I sometimes find her sitting up in her crib after her nap. However, it also means she’s a little less frustrated and more content to play by herself.

Eden absolutely adores her Daddy and her big sister. I think she sort of likes her Mommy, too. Hana Kate has a baby to take care of, but it’s babydoll (whose name is either Christa, Kelly, or babydoll, and rarely Eden, depending on when you ask) not Eden who she finds herself busy with. But Hana Kate does want to do just about everything Mommy does with Eden. She even wanted me to make a carrier so she can wear her doll on her back. I’ve found that if I help Eden “play” with Hana Kate, both girls like it, and sometimes are laughing hilariously at each other. This is the type of sister interaction I hope to see a lot as Eden grows older, but we’ll see!

Eden also loves baths and music. I pretty much gave her one bath per week (or less) before she could sit up. Once she could sit by herself, I let her take a bath with Hana Kate. And since then, Eden has protested if she hears or sees Hana Kate in the bath and she’s not in it, too. If I let her go in the hallway, she heads straight for the bathroom. If that door is closed, she heads for Daddy’s office, and if that door is closed she heads for the kitchen! 🙂

She also love music, and frequently crawls under her crib in search of her piano and is delighted if I pull it out so she can play it. Eden feels the need to sing along. I had her sit in church with us for the beginning of this past Sunday night service. I forgot about her love to “sing.” 🙂 She “sang” along with all the songs we sang as a congregation, but when it was offertory time she still wanted to sing. I saw a few people turning heads, so I headed out with her and let her go to the nursery. But I love that she seems to enjoy music already.

Eden also loves food. So far, I am still nursing almost exclusively, letting her eat some solids for “pleasure” at suppertimes if she appears too distressed that she is the only one not eating. We also let her eat foods using a mesh feeding teether or chew on a water bottle. I have a lot of pics from her “first solids,” so perhaps that will be another post altogether.

No teeth yet! But that’s fine by me. I thought a couple of months ago (when the drooling began) that I saw little buds, but I think it was just the bone structure on the sides of the mouth..

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