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June 1, 2010

Hana Kate walked by the kitchen the other day shortly before lunch. She paused in the doorway and asked, “Mommy, are you making my’s lunch?” I said, “yes,” but it was quite hilarious hearing such a long question from her. She has picked up fairly well on grammar, but she frequently says my’s instead of my or mine.

When Eden starts coming toward Hana Kate, Hana Kate usually tries to tell us what Eden is coming to take. Of course, in Hana Kate’s mind that’s why she would be coming toward her…to take something.  The other day, Hana Kate had a boo-boo on her knee, and when Eden started crawling toward us Hana Kate said, “She’s trying to get the boo-boo,” and quickly pulled her knee away from Eden. 🙂

The other day Hana Kate said something so hilarious at lunch that Daniel and I just burst out laughing (I really wish I could remember what she said!). Hana Kate looked at us for a moment, and then said “Hana Kate is silly! HA HA HA (a loud fake laugh),” which brought on more laughter. So again she pipes up, “I so silly! HA HA HA.” Indeed. She was.

On our way to friend’s house after church, we drove past a yard with 2 life-like deer statues in their yard. Hana Kate’s observation: “It’s a toy deers! If you put your fingers in their mouth they will OPEN THEIR MOUTH…AND BITE YOUR FINGERS!” (yelling the part in all caps). We have NO idea where she got that idea. But we were all laughing at that!

There are several school things that I have for when Hana Kate is older that I have with her current learning tools. When she has asked for them, I’ve told her that she can’t have them until she is older. So occasionally, she will bring them to me and say, “Hana Kate is older? Have them?” 🙂 She has also been a little confused about her being a baby and Eden being a baby because pictures that we show her of “baby Hana Kate” look just like Eden. She thought she had it figured out the other day and said, “Eden is a baby Hana Kate.” 🙂

Hana Kate also sometimes confused words. For several weeks, she has been calling her sidewalk chalk “chocolate.” And yes, she knows what chocolate is, too, and has no problem asking for it when she goes potty. But it is really funny to hear her ask, “Where’s my chocolate?” while looking around outside for her chalk. Then, a couple of weeks ago we were at her friend’s house, and she noticed he had chalk, too, and exclaimed to me, “He has chocolate, too!”.

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