Melting Our Hearts

May 18, 2010

We have so much enjoyed hearing Hana Kate talk. She is quite the chatterbox at home, though quite shy elsewhere (unless she’s somewhere only with people she knows very, very well).

We were playing on the porch. Hana Kate was in her play area, and Daniel was holding Eden. She was sitting on the table, drooling, laughing, and smiling. Hana Kate in exuberant joy said, “We are best friends!”

Daniel asked her “who are best friends?” “Hana Kate and Eden and Daddy!” she said. Daddy’s heart proceeded to melt.


Last fall, Hana Kate was given a stuffed Pooh Bear at a yard sale. (Yard sale tip: take kids with you and get free stuff. Actually, though, they don’t like the frequent stopping and getting in and out of the car… ;)) HK has a dear affection for her stuffed animals, though she loves about 10 of them fairly equally. (Sometimes she even takes inventory as we tuck her into bed, and we must find any missing animals she is particularly longing for (or tell her they just can’t join her).) Recently, Pooh Bear has been missing. We told her he was lost, but that we would look for him. She has anxiously been awaiting his return. In fact, a few days ago, she heard Daniel coming in the front door while she was in another room. She excitedly questioned, “Pooh Bear’s here?” That was hard not to burst into laughter. Another time, we were looking at picture of her friend, and in the distant background was a girl wearing a red sweater and the way her hair was blowing, it looked like the silhouette of a bear’s head. Hana Kate pointed to it, and said, “It’s Pooh Bear!!!” Again, no… So, I went to a yard sale, found some cute storage bins and…a Pooh Bear that looked similar to her old one. I ask the lady if she’ll take $3 for the nice bins and the bear. She said no, so I say, “Oh, I don’t think I can do that much,” and started to leave. She told me I could have Pooh Bear for free! I was so excited to return with my find. And I was not disappointed by HK’s reaction. She immediately started hugging him, and saying “Pooh Bear is here.” “Mommy got him at the store!” About an hour later, Daniel and I saw her hugging him tightly and spinning around saying, “I love you, Pooh Bear. I love you.” It was the cutest thing. He was tucked under her arm the rest of the day. She did know he was different, though, and said something like “This is another Pooh bear. Two Pooh Bears.”


Apparently Hana Kate observed that Daddy usually keeps his cell phone in his pocket. On Saturday, she was walking around with a plastic cell phone in her pocket. At very random times, she would pull it out and say, “Somebody else is calling,” then walk out of the room and pretend to talk on it.


Eden is LOVING baths! Once she started sitting up on her own, I’ve been letting her take baths with Hana Kate. They both LOVE it. And Eden is a crazy splasher. Can’t believe they’re both old enough to do this together! We didn’t have a very safe bath when Hana Kate was this age, so it’s fun to be able to let Eden and HK just take baths most evenings. (I have pictures, but haven’t been able to upload them.) If HK is taking a bath and I walk by, Eden lunges for the room because she wants to get in, too.


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