Twenty Weeks

April 11, 2010

Eden is no longer a teen! Well, at least in weeks. 🙂

She also turned 19, 18, 17, and 16 weeks too, but it’s gone so quickly that I’ve really failed to update. Well, I wrote updates but never posted since I had not uploaded pics to go along. Not to mention we’ve had a few other things going on. 🙂 It’s hard to believe she’ll be 5 months at the end of this coming week–that’s how old Hana Kate was when she started crawling, so we’ll see if that’s what Eden does this month. I’m quite content for her to wait a while–this growing up thing is going way too fast!

Eden is such a happy baby, but this week she has been sick. She was fussy for several days in a row, and we finally concluded that she had the same thing Daniel and I got over the weekend! Poor thing-she must have been feeling just as bad as we did. So lots of holding and she slept with us a few of those nights–something I really enjoyed. But not a ton of sleeping for me those nights–Eden is a LOUD snorer, and has been since birth.

Eden can now sit up for a few minutes without support, or she uses her hands to help her stay up. She also loves to play with her feet since she found them a few weeks ago.

We also made the transition of having her sleep on her back instead of her tummy this past week. We did this when Hana Kate started crawling, but it seems to work to do it a few weeks earlier for Eden, and she’s old enough where sleeping on her tummy isn’t quite as necessary for her tummy, head molding, and her startle/moro reflex isn’t quite as strong anymore. After she repeatedly rolled over onto her back and started crying because it startled her, I decided to go ahead and make the transition now. The first couple of nights, she woke up (because of the startle reflex), but now seems to have adjusted well.

She is still nursing well and exclusively. I realize this is how God made things to work, but I am nonetheless thankful that we haven’t had reason to stop. Hoping not to start solids for at least a couple more months~maybe to 12 months? Probably not, but we’ll see! Eden is also an incessant drool bucket. I thought I felt teeth on her bottom gums, but nothing has come through yet.

We have a missions conference next week in WV, so it will be interesting to take this trip with 2 little ones…particularly as Eden is not the greatest fan of car seats. 😉 However, she did make it the entire way from Greenville to Hilton Head without crying, or without us needing to stop. The way back, though, was an entirely different story…especially as we got stuck in traffic and a storm, and added 2 hours to a 4 hour trip..

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  • Shannon April 11, 2010 at 5:11 pm

    She has grown up so fast! What a big beautiful girl! (Thats what I long for people to say about me too! 😉 ) Love the pictures of both her and Hana Kate in the chair outside. I am hoping to do some pictures of Tyler outside in the next couple weeks for his 12 month shots…just trying to get all the bruises healed on his poor little head first. 🙂

  • David Pellei April 28, 2010 at 8:40 pm

    Congratulations! She’s progressing quickly!
    We are also big advocates of breastfeeding, but we have found it convenient to train the babies to take a bottle once a day, in case Robyn needs to get out shopping or just get away a few hours.
    Our firstborn took a bottle well the first time at around 2 months, so we didn’t think too much about it and did not think too much about keeping up the practice. The next time we tried, at about 6 months, for a graduation banquet, he flat out refused and we had to come home early to relieve my mother-in-law.
    With our second, we were a little wiser, but not much. We started giving her one bottle each day so she’d be accustomed to it, in case we ever needed to take her out with us for more than 90 minutes, or on that rare occasion when we might actually get a sitter. She did well until I had a week-long series of meetings to attend in Orlando. We all went together. Rather than pack all the bottles and pumps, Robyn figured she’d just breast feed her for the week, then get back to the bottle. Bad move–when we returned home she also refused the bottle, and she never took a bottle again!
    Since then (7 more babies), we have been fairly good about making sure the baby gets a bottle a day. This helped us a lot over the years, most recently this past month, as we spent 27 days on the road with the children, all travel by car or train. It was very helpful to be able to give our baby (currently 9 months) a bottle while in his car seat, rather than have to pull over and park while he was breast-fed.
    Thanks for the blogpost–it brought back many memories over the past 10 years!!