Oh, the Funny Things She Says!

March 11, 2010

Hana Kate keeps us laughing every day with the funny things she says. I’m finding that if I don’t write them down right away, I sadly forget because she comes up with something new.

Going Shopping

She loves to go shopping at Publix! Well, that is where Mommy goes shopping, and she gets to ride in the car carts and gets a free cookie.

HK: (Pushing her new toy shopping cart from G&G and going around waving) “Goodbye, Mommy!” “Goodbye, Daddy!”

Daniel: “Where are you going?”

HK: “Pubwix.”

Cow Juice

Hana Kate: (Holding a cup she found in her diaper bag.) “Want some more juice!”

Daniel: “We don’t have any juice. It’s all gone.”

Hana Kate: “Want some more…cow juice?”

Daniel: “Cow juice?”

Hana Kate: Want some more cow juice…milk!”

Daniel: “Oh…you want some milk?”

Hana Kate: “Yah!” (Smiling happily that Daddy had figured it out.)

Have no idea on that…we’ve never called milk “cow juice.” 🙂

Mr. John from the Bible

“Mr. John” was visiting to interview Daniel, and I told Hana Kate that Mr. John was here, so we needed to be quiet. Her eyes lit up, and she said “Mister John from the Bible, coming?” We had read about John the Baptist earlier that morning. 🙂

Emby Needs Some Aquaphor on It

My sister, affectionately called Emby by Hana Kate (and a few others) :), was over one evening, and Hana Kate noticed that Emby had a scar on her hand. She looked at Emby with quite a sad face, and said

HK: “Uh-oh. Boo-boo?”

MB: “Yeah, it’s kind of like a boo boo”

HK: “Emby, here you go you need some Aquaphor on it.”

Only the whole sentence came out as fast as if it was all one word, and we all burst out laughing after we figured out what she had just said! Hana Kate is fairly good at speaking in sentences, but we’re pretty sure that was her longest one yet!

God Drew the Bible?

Hana Kates goes running toward Daniel: “Read da Bibuh”

Daniel:  “Hana Kate, did you know that the Bible is God’s Word?

HK: Looking down at her picture Bible:  “yah.”

Daniel: “God wrote it.”

HK: With a look of questions:  “God draw on it.”

Daniel:  “No, God didn’t draw on it, but he wrote it.”

Their Names Are Christa

HK: “Name?” (Holding up her toy puppy.)

Daniel: “Name…you mean what is your puppy’s name?”

HK: “Yah.”

Daniel: “What is his name?”

HK: “Christa!”

A week later, and the puppy’s name had been forgotten…

Daniel and HK make a craft, and

Daniel asks: “What should we name the dog?”

HK: “Christa!”


Eden sneezed, and Hana Kate says, “Bless the Lord, O my soul.” (From a passage we had memorized way back last year.)

I was ironing, and Hana Kate said, “bless you.” I looked up, and she said, “Iron sneezed.” Apparently, it sounded like a sneeze when I pushed the steam button on the iron..

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