Beauty Speaks from Every Place

March 10, 2010

Beauty speaks from every place
From tender shoot, to granite face.
Shy, mournful glance from dimming eyes,
Pink glories stroked across the skies.

From fountains deep to mountains high,
From thunderous roar to whispering sigh.
All of nature does embrace,
That beauty speaks from every place.

Cold stillborn child who knew no breath
Her anguished hands caress birth’s death.
Still beauty there, her arms embrace,
For, beauty speaks in every place.

Cold Winter covers all of Summer, Spring,
Yet in the dark, warm memories dance and sing.
Morticious frost hunts blossoms to encase
Yet, beauty speaks in every place.

A glimmering shaft on hillside grave,
The trembling hearts of soldiers brave,
Fermented smiles etch wrinkled face,
Yes, beauty speaks in every place.

The burning bush on holy ground,
In common places can be found.
A quiet heart who will embrace
That beauty speaks in every place.

Heaved cries of pain from arduous birth
Transformed to glistening tears of mirth
First cry of infant, no laughter can replace,
For, beauty speaks from every place.

Beauty speaks on bloodstained cross,
First glance, appeared as heaven’s loss.
The beauty of this Life laid down,
No greater love was ever shown.

The horror that the cross was mine,
But borne by Man who is Divine.
Beauty streams forth from this paradox,
“He is the King!” cry out the rocks.

Beauty’s tale, it is not done,
Nothing new beneath the sun,
The stories new, and yet the same,
All beauty serves to praise His name.

© Keren Threlfall, 2010


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