Thirteen Weeks

February 17, 2010

Well, Eden also turned 12 weeks :), but I’ll combine in one post.

Milestones: Eden has a ticklish spot on her tummy and under her arm. She is also starting to drool a good bit and sometime chews on her fists. But with this child, I come armed with bibs! Hana Kate also started drooling around 3 months, but it was quite a while before a tooth came. I imagine it will be the same for Eden (though everyone who sees her will insist otherwise).  She’s also started to spend a lot of time in the exersaucer. Her feet touch the bottom on her own, which means she’s taller than Hana Kate was at this age.

Eating: Great through 13 weeks, though had a growth spurt the last 2 days before she turned 13 weeks and was not her normal, cheerful self those days. Sad Mommy.

Sleeping: She continues to fare very well, still sleeping 12 hours a night. And a couple of nights a little more–oops! Thankful. A very light sleeper during the daytime, and her wake times are sometimes as long as 2 hours. Usually take a longer nap in the afternoon.

I also clipped her fingernails for the first time. They are still quite soft, but don’t just peel off like Hana Kate’s did. Good for Eden-hopefully your nails will be stronger than your Mommy’s!

Eden also had a check-up from our midwife, Amy.

Eden has had some raspy breathing since she was born. It’s drawn some concern that it could be a symptom of a heart defect, so she’ll be having her first doctor visit this coming Monday. We’re trusting God for grace and strength whatever we learn. .

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