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One Rainy Thursday

February 4, 2010

Hana Kate was so happy to have her cousins Esther, Elijah, and Charity come over this morning. Hana Kate talks about Esther and Elijah every day, so it was nice to have them here (and for her to talk about other things while they were here.) 🙂 They all played suspiciously quietly in Hana Kate’s room for a good while while the mommies and little babies enjoyed time together, too. And then they played together making LOTS of noise, running around just yelling cheerfully and laughing!

She still loves dusting! She is so particular, it cracks me up! Sometimes she likes to name off each object she is dusting, too. 🙂

Screws and screwdrivers are a lot of fun, too!

Eden waking up from a nap on Mommy and Daddy’s bed. Hana Kate wanted Daddy to tell a story. 🙂

This happy little girl is starting to drool. But check it out, she’s actually getting some fuzz on top, too. 🙂

It was a busy day with visits from cousin Steven and Great-Grandma to drop off a b-day card for Hana Kate, and even Daddy got to have a friend over early this morning, and then Mommy had a dear friend drop by for a little while this evening. But, of course, we don’t really take pictures of those things… 😉 I’m afraid I allow the weather to affect my mood far too often, so it was nice to have company this rainy Thursday….

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