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Our First Second Birthday

February 2, 2010

She held my left hand, he held my right.

On my left, midwife Amy smiles down saying,

“You can push now.”

Our eyes meet, and we fight back glad tears. God gave us a precious baby girl.

She holds my left hand, he holds her left.

Ahead in the middle, she pulls us along,

“Mommy, Daddy, come.”

Our eyes meet, and we grin. Two years.

Twenty-four months to us. A lifetime for her. A lifetime.

Yesterday she was one. I take a breath, her age doubles, and now she is two.

Two years have flown by, but I remember a few things.

Over 40 hours of labor, a planned home birth, but born in the hospital. 11:01p.m., Saturday night. Brought home on Sunday to a house full of people just in time for supper, where in 2 weeks we would live without heat for the next 3 months. She learned to walk at 10 months while her grandpa was dying, and cheered his dimming face by toddling into his room to say, “Bem-pa.”  An impromptu first birthday celebration with my mom and sisters after coming home from her grandpa’s funeral. Happy days, sad days, precious day, but gone by all too quickly.

I’ve learned a few things about her.

She has a tender heart that already empathizes. Tears come to her eyes if she senses someone in pain, hurt, or sees a sad face. Yet in her innocence, she doesn’t know this world is full of pain. The greatest evil she knows is someone not sharing with her…or not allowing her to share with them.

She speaks well for her age, already pasting her words together as sentences, humoring us with her verbal concoctions. A girl she is, loving shoes and purses and making cookies all day long; but all the while with a heart for adventure almost as big as her Daddy’s. She’d have us spin in circles all day if she could; but we are far too dizzy, even sharing the spinning between the two of us. Usually, there’s a screw or two in her pockets or purse, and Daddy’s tool bag always has something fun.

She’ll always be our first, so long as God grants her life and health. Our first second birthday.

We’ll tuck her in tonight as two. What will she be tomorrow?

Happy Birthday number two, sweet Hana Kate..

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