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Our Girls Are Growing Up!

January 22, 2010

Tonight I glanced in the girls room, and felt older. I feel old seeing 2 beds for 2 girls. I feel old seeing a twin bed for Hana Kate.

Hana Kate and Daddy the morning after her first night's sleep in the big girl bed.

Last night we put Hana Kate in her big girl bed, and put Eden in Hana Kate’s old crib. Eden has already been sleeping in Hana Kate’s room at night (which I suppose is now “the girls room”) in her little sleeper, but taking some naps in the crib by day. A new bed for Hana Kate was well overdue. Hana Kate was sooooo excited to get a new bed. She was running up and down the hall yelling, “new bed!” “Hana Kate, new bed!” while Daddy put it together. Both girls did great with the initial transition and slept all night! Apparently all the excitement wore Hana Kate out, as she slept all the way until 8:30a.m.!

Eden, smiling in her sleep.

Thanks to our good friends the Kindstedts for passing along an unneeded bed back when my sister lived with us a couple of years ago. It’s being put to good use once again! We’ve since rearranged the room, so the bed is no longer in front of the window. 🙂.

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  • Mrs. Taft January 23, 2010 at 12:05 am

    Adorable 😀