Random Photo Shoot

January 16, 2010

Today we had to run to the mall to take a few Christmas gifts back, and I decided to take my PP coupon with me and see if they had any openings. When we went by, they said they could take us, so we got some pictures taken. Wow. It turned into a 2 hour ordeal. The photo shoot didn’t take that long, but get the pics uploaded onto their computers and then printed sure did!

I really do not like the way the family picture turned out, and neither did Daniel. We didn’t really go dressed for pics. And I need a haircut. But now it’s hanging on our wall. It was Eden’s naptime, but she did really well in spite of being tired. So did Hana Kate. I was a little disappointed that our photographer didn’t keep snapping pictures, but kept waiting for the perfect smile. I have always been amazed at several other photographers who have been able to get an amazing picture even though nothing amazing ever happened–which was the result of them taking pictures the whole time. Oh well. It was totally random, but we got a few good ones of the girls.

Hmmm...I need a hair cut!

Just so everyone knows, the picture below was Hana Kate’s response to being asked, “where’s your belly button?” by the photographer. She was an in-your-face try-to-make-the-kid-smile-but-you-scare-them type of photographer. I heard the kids she photographed after us crying while we waited. But I was thankful for the good time we had as a family!


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  • Shannon January 18, 2010 at 7:19 am

    there are definitely some cute ones of Hana Kate and Eden! I agree though…some of the best pictures are taken when you don’t try so hard and you just capture the family for who they are.