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Eight for Eden!

January 15, 2010

Eden is 8 weeks old now! It’s hard for me to believe how quickly it has passed! Actually, she’s a little past 8 weeks now, but I’ve been waiting for Daniel’s computer so I can upload some pics to go along with the post.

Milestones: The past week hasn’t held too many changes, except that Eden rolled over a the day after she turned 8 weeks (from tummy to back). She didn’t really like it, though–I think it startled her. 🙂 She smiles when talked (or sung) to, and is cooing a little bit. She can lift her head really well, too.

Eating: Eden is still doing great in this department, and still quite chunky. She occasionally gets a burp stuck, but usually she feels great if she is held upright or on her tummy for the first few minutes after feeding. Eats approximately ever 3 hours during the day.

Sleeping: She’s sleeping around 11-12 hours a night. Usually heads to bed around 8p.m., and wakes around 7-7:30a.m. I’m working on moving her bedtime up to 7p.m. She snores and makes a good bit of noise in her sleep. Daniel’s parents are gone this week, so she slept in the office (where they were sleeping) the first few days, and is now sleeping in Hana Kate’s bedroom. Which, I guess, makes it Hana Kate and Eden’s bedroom.  Having her sleep so well so early on has made a huge difference in how much I’m able to even more enjoy these special days. Daytime naps are getting longer as she is going longer between feedings. Usually 70 to 90 minutes.

Waketime: (Follow the routine feed, waketime, nap.) Waketimes are now approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour. Her waketime after her first morning feeding is much shorter, and sometimes doesn’t have one at all.

Appearance: She looks the same to me as she has in past weeks, and still almost the same as Hana Kate at this age (slightly slimmer). Compared to Hana Kate, her skin has remained much clearer, and she hasn’t had a problem with cradle cap yet. (Maybe as a result of taking fewer baths?)

Demeanor: Generally happy, has one main dislike–the carseat! Likes to watch Hana Kate, likes music. I attribute her happiness to sleeping well, eating well, being held in good positions,  sleeping her on her tummy (helps gas/tummy problems, keeps her from coughing/choking if she spits up, and builds neck strength better), and God’s mercy.

Dislikes: Sitting in the bumbo for too long. Riding in the carseat after dark. This is about the only time she cries loudly. During the daytime if she is in the carseat, it is usually soon after a feeding and merges into her normal naptime, and she sleeps just fine. Fussiness is generally an indicator of her being too tired, so I just put her down for her nap and she’s asleep in a short time.

Stats: 13.5 lbs., and 24 inches. She hasn’t had a doctor’s visit yet, and I’ll probably wait till we get out of the sick season and she’s a little older to go.


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