Why I Laugh Everyday

January 11, 2010

Excuse the tent-building in the back! :)

Conversations from the last 5 minutes:

Hana Kate gets my wallet from my purse, and says, “Coupons, Mommy coupons. Neeeeeed it.” 🙂

Then, she gets all the cards from my wallet (under my careful observation, of course), holds them fanned out in her hand and says, “Mommy, pick one.” She observed Grandma and her cousin Esther playing Old Maid last week, and apparently thought it could be played with any cards. I realized what she was doing, and gathered some cards and asked her to pick one, too. Bursts of laughter from both of us.

And everyday this past week, “Baby Anna Grace?” “No, not this week.” “Later?” Anna Grace is her cousin, 6 days older than Eden, but apparently she left a big impression on Hana Kate.

Earlier today, in the tent we made: “Mommy, lay down.” “Mommy, sleep.” I lay down for approximately 5 seconds, to hear, “Mommy, get up.” “Get up.” 🙂.

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